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Boiling water taps

  • Need Instant Boiling Water? – Ask our online Advisor

    As self-confessed ‘Boiling Water Tap Nerds’, we help many customers choose the best solution for instant boiling water every day. Whether you need an all-in-one tap for your home, or a high-performance appliance for the office which can produce boiling, chilled and sparkling water for your staff and visitors, we’re usually able to identify the right make and model.

    We have now captured this knowledge and turned it into an online tool, available from many places within our website, which allows you to answer a small set of carefully selected questions and comes up with the best products for your requirements.

    Whether you are in a domestic, commercial or catering environment, you can use this to tell it which are the most important features you need, and what type of appliance you are looking for, and it will produce a shortlist of recommendations which you can then compare to make the final choice.

    Behind the scenes, the Advisor uses the information you have provided to identify the most suitable appliances from more than 15 different manufacturers and well over 300 different models available on the Electrical Deals Direct website – all of which carry our usual price match guarantee backed up by our amazing customer reviews and well-earned reputation as Boiling Water Experts.

    Feel free to try out the product advisor and let us know what you think, and if you need any other information, you are of course always welcome to call one of our experts on 01934 253600 to clarify anything. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • What are the tank sizes for boiling water taps?

    The boiling tank size, or capacity in litres for a lot of commercial and domestic boiling taps isn’t always an easy thing to find amongst the literature and manuals from many of the brands it seems. Continue reading

  • Marco water boilers: the product range.

    There’s a company in Dublin, Ireland known as Marco Beverage Systems Limited that have built up a fabulous reputation as producers of great value reliable and efficient boiling water dispensers. They also supply coffee brewers and grinders for the seemingly ever growing popularity of the glorious bean. Continue reading

  • Zip Domestic Taps – the new range

    Zip Arc chrome boiling tapZip Heaters have launched their new range of instant boiling water taps for the domestic market, giving new customers a great choice of tap shape, combined with their proven G4 domestic units, which are, in our opinion, clearly the most advanced units available on the market today. Continue reading

  • Choosing the right Boiling Water Tap for a Small Office

    It can be daunting trying to find a boiling water tap for a small office, especially once you start looking at a few different ranges by a few different manufacturers. There are almost countless different models with different features, capacities, instant draw off ability, and designs, so we understand that it can be confusing when deciding on the right boiling tap!

    Continue reading
  • New Redring Reditap – 3in1 tap

    New Redring Reditap – 3in1 tap

    The New Redring Reditap – 3in1 tap. It has got a 2-litre water tank for the boiling water, with also hot and cold water mixer. This is an attractive and very affordable 3in1 kitchen mixer tap. That dispenses Boiling water and also Hot and Cold mixing water. It is available in two different finishes. Bright Chrome or Brushed Nickel to suit your kitchen. Continue reading

  • Installing my boiling water tap - can I do it myself?

    Once you’ve settled on your new boiling water tap, be it for home or perhaps your own business, you could be forgiven for thinking it may be a complicated or tricky operation to install it. Continue reading

  • “Cups per hour” – what does it mean for my boiling water tap?

    cupsThe ‘Cups per hour’ measurement is a standard measurement given for taps, counter-top appliances and on-wall boilers which produce boiling water. It sounds like a straightforward measurement, but in fact it causes a huge amount of confusion. Continue reading

  • Boiling and Ambient or Boiling and Chilled

    Boiling and Ambient or Boiling and ChilledBoiling and Ambient or Boiling and Chilled

    With Boiling water taps there a few different variations that you could go for. This therefore depends on what you want the tap to produce. Boiling and Ambient or Boiling and Chilled Filtered Water is a popular choice therefore this blog goes into detail. One of the biggest questions we ask someone who is looking to purchase a Boiling water tap is. If they want Boiling and Ambient or Boiling and Chilled. We find when people are looking they don’t really know the difference between these taps.


    Continue reading
  • Do I need a boiling water tap in my office?

    Instant boiling water in officesBoiling water taps in office kitchens have become more and more commonplace in recent years, but they seem very expensive – so just how necessary are they?

    We are obviously extremely biased when it comes to boiling water taps – we provide more to companies each year in the UK than anyone else online – but this also means that we talk to people who are not sure whether they should buy one or not. Continue reading

  • Real innovation in boiling water taps from Billi

    billi tap on font#We have been dealing with instant boiling water taps for many years and I remember being surprised at how expensive some of them are, especially for the commercial environment. It wasn’t until we had a disastrous experience with a major, high quality brand which brought out its own boiling water tap that I realised creating a reliable, efficient and safe instant boiling water appliance actually requires a great deal of expertise. Continue reading

  • Why would I want a font or drip tray for my boiling tap?

    BilliFont or drip tray for my boiling tap

    One of the questions we always ask our customers. Whilst helping them to select the right boiling tap for their needs is: ‘are you mounting the tap over the sink or are you looking to have it as a free-standing appliance, away from the sink?’ As they might require a Font or drip tray for my boiling tap.

    We often find that many people don’t realise that this is an option. To have the boiling or boiling and chilled tap mounted on or adjacent to its own mini sink, drip tray or font.


    Continue reading
  • The New Lincat Range of Water Boilers

    The hugely popular Lincat range of water boilers has been given a massive overhaul. Along with sleeker aesthetics, the new Lincat range boasts improved technical design, added features and an improved user friendly interface. Continue reading

  • Billi Boiling Taps – The Range and the Benefits

    Billi LogoFor in excess of 25 years, Billi have been producing a range of quality stylish, energy efficient boiling and chilled taps that boast superb performance and great reliability. Continue reading

  • The Lincat EB3F Series - The Most Popular Countertop Boilers?

    Using top quality brands on our website has been one of our priorities from the start, and that is why we’re proud to announce that we have now added Lincat Water Boilers to our range.

    Lincat have been manufacturing products for over 40 years, and as their experience has risen so has their reputation. Customers know when they buy a Lincat product they will be getting a reliable, durable, and high grade item that also comes with great technical help after the product has been purchased. Similar to us, Lincat are dedicate to customer satisfaction, and this can be seen in the quality across all of their ranges. Continue reading

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