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Callidus Electric Radiators - A Quick Overview

Callidus Electric Radiators – A Quick Overview

Many people are looking for efficient and cost effective ways of heating their homes with electricity, and although not as cost effective as gas, there are hundreds of companies producing electric radiators which begs the question – which brand do you go for?

Callidus have expertly focused on a few main areas; comfort, usability, ease of installation and control. Their range covers all popular requirements from consumers, from the looks of their products down to the performance.

Analog (ALH)

These electric radiators are the most basic in design, and are one of the easiest and efficient ways of heating your home. The ALH Analog heaters come in 5 different sizes, ranging from 500w up to 1500w, rising by 250w each time. Many electric radiators come with complex controls, but Callidus have kept simplicity in mind with this model in the range, utilised only by a dial on the side of the radiator which turns the heat up or down.

Callidus Electric Radiators

Programmable Timer (LH)

The next model up in the range of Callidus electric radiators also comes in 5 different sizes, however it comes with a built in programmable timer. This allows you to configure 4 different settings for each day of the week to maximise the efficiency of your heating as well as minimising your costs. Adjusting the temperature can be as specific as 0.2 of a degree to get the perfect optimal temperature for your home.

Full App Controlled (APPLH)

The newest member of the Callidus electric radiators range is the Full App Controlled APPLH. This model is designed for people who are familiar with tech, allowing you to control your heating from your mobile phone or PC from an easy to navigate app. This electric radiator prevents the radiator from being adjusted physically, which is perfect for businesses like hotels, student accommodation and also public areas. The APPLH models have all of the accuracy of the LH models, as well as the 5 different sizes.

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