Quooker boiling water tapBoiling water taps such as Quooker are all the rage at the moment – many manufacturers are bringing out new models, running TV advertising campaigns and the instant boiling water tap has become the ‘must-have’ kitchen accessory of the year.

One of the most common questions we get from customers is whether a Quooker will save money, because that is the general impression they get from a lot of the advertising. Well, in a domestic environment (the calculation and conclusion is very different in an office or commercial situation)  I can tell you categorically that a boiling water tap will NOT save you money.

I don’t need complicated calculations to tell me this, (nor do I need to read the Advertising Standards Agency decision when they upheld complaints against Quooker advertising on this subject) I just need some common sense:

If I boil a full kettle 5 times every day of my life, it will only cost me £55 a year. So it doesn’t seem likely that spending more than £600  on a boiling water tap will stand a chance of getting me ‘payback’ on my outlay.

So it might use less energy, and less water, but it is never going to save you more money than it has cost.

But guess what? We love Quookers.

I have one at home, we use it throughout the day. It saves us time, it is convenient, it makes preparing meals more fun and it speeds up cooking.

And our customers love them too – we have sold hundreds and hundreds of them over the past few years, and we have found they are amongst the most reliable products we sell, with virtually all of our customers saying they wonder how they ever did without one.

So they don’t save us money, but they give us something far more valuable in today’s world: they give us time. If you don’t have a Quooker already, let this web page help you choose one or read this article: you’ll wonder how you lived without one.