Hand dryer performance dataRead the specification of the Kangarillo 2 hand dryer in the easy-to-read Hand Dryer Data sheet format.

Kangarillo 2 Hand DryerThe Kangarillo 2 ECO hand dryer from Handy Dryers is a big improvement on the previous model and the new features move it from being just a 'lookalike' for the XLerator hand dryer to a well performing and excellent value dryer in its own right. There are a number of dryers which have a 'switchable' element, but the 'intelligent element' of the Kangarillo 2 hand dryer means that the user always gets a comfortable experience because the element is turned up or down automatically depending on the temperature in the washroom.

Generally speaking with modern high speed hand dryers, the heat from the dryer makes little difference to the drying time, as most of the water is pushed off the hands rather than evaporated, but it does make a big difference to the user experience, so we think this is an excellent feature which we expect to see incorporated in more dryers in the future.

Something to bear in mind if you are using these figures to compare the Kangarillo 2 against another dryer is that the running cost calculations above (and the power consumption) is based on the element being on full all of the time, so in practice, both of these figures will be better than we have shown. All of which makes the Kangarillo 2 hand dryer extraordinary value for money at less than £170 (as of September 2014).

These data sheets are intended as an at-a-glance data sheet for customers wishing to understand the most important aspects of a hand dryer, and they are particularly useful for making comparisons between one or more dryers under consideration. A full explanation of each item and how it is derived can be found by clicking here. These data sheets are not intended as replacement for full discussion of requirements and evaluation of the alternatives – if you require any further information whatsoever so you can make the most appropriate choice of hand dryer, please call us on 01934 253600 to talk to one of our hand dryer experts: as independent hand dryer experts we spend a great deals of time matching hand dryers to customer requirements, and usually end up saving our customers considerable amounts of money. We are also able to offer rental of hand-dryers on fixed-term rental agreements (leases) if buying outright is not the best choice for you.

All available data sheets can be seen elsewhere in the Advice Centre,  and more are being added all the time. If there is a dryer not yet listed, which you would like more information in, please let us know and we will happily add it; and as a hand dryer manufacturer if there is any information you believe to be incorrect, please do let us know immediately.

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