Elson Zircon has been constructed from a strong and lightweight Duplex stainless steel and the tank is glass-lined steel. Elson is part of the same group as Heatrae Sadia and Santon, using similar components to these other brands.

The Zircon water heater is an unvented cylinder that comes in both direct and indirect models. It has got a 12-month warranty on the parts and components inside the cylinder and then the stainless inner vessel has then got a further 24 years. This is a very good unit at a very good price, which makes it a very popular cylinder.

Very compact cylinders due to it having an external expansion vessel which comes with it. This expansion vessel can be fitted away from the cylinder as long as it is connected to the cold feed leading up to the cylinder.

Designed with the installer in mind – all plumbing and electrical connections are located to give maximum access. Capacities range from 120 to 300 litres on the standard models. As the cylinder is unvented it can be installed in an airing cupboard, loft, utility room or even in a garage.

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Operates at mains pressure as the cold water coming into the tank pushes the got water out. Which makes it suitable for a shower without the need for a shower pump. The pressure of the water is controlled by the cold water.

It comes in a variety of different capacities. Options available are: 120, 150, 170 ,210, 250 and 300L. This is the same for direct and indirect models.

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