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Hand Dryer Data Sheets - the JETBOX Eco

The JETBOX Eco has quickly become one of our favourite hand dryers, and the reasons are quite simple: it has been very competitively priced in the mid-section of the market, but its features justify it being a much more expensive dryer. And these stand-out features are all the real essentials of what people are looking for in a dryer. No unnecessary extras like anti bacterial coatings (who on earth touches a hand dryer?!) or air fresheners.

Very fast, effective drying. Excellent 5-year warranty (that says a lot about the reliability levels). Economic on power consumption. Variable heat and fan (hence adjustable noise level), with an easy to operate dial switch (this means if you find it too loud, you can just turn it down).

If you are considering a hands-under dryer in the £150 - £300 range, this should be at, or close to, the top of your list.

JETBOX Eco Infographic


This data sheet is intended as an at-a-glance data sheet for customers wishing to understand the most important aspects of a hand dryer, and they are particularly useful for making comparisons between one or more dryers under consideration.  These data sheets are not intended as replacement for full discussion of requirements and evaluation of the alternatives – if you require any further information whatsoever so you can make the most appropriate choice of hand dryer, please call us on 01934 253600 to talk to one of our hand dryer experts: as independent hand dryer experts we spend a great deal of time matching hand dryers to customer requirements, and usually end up saving our customers considerable amounts of money.

All available data sheets can be seen elsewhere in this Advice Centre and more are being added all the time. If there is a dryer not yet listed which you would like more information on, please let us know and we will happily add it.

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