joule-horizontalMost of us have a hot water cylinder. It serves the purpose of heating or storing our hot water and we will generally pay no real attention to it – it's just there. Traditionally, we think of hot water boilers or immersion heaters as being large upright cylinders. They are usually installed in an airing cupboard or hidden away behind a door upstairs somewhere.

But what do you do when you need a hot water cylinder in a location that has limited headroom? Or perhaps you don’t want valuable living space taken up by such an ugly and possibly quite large object and would rather it was out of sight altogether?

The most probable answer could be to install a horizontal hot water cylinder.old-cylinder

These are an ideal solution when vertical space is limited or simply to free up room within living areas.

Typically these would be mounted in the loft space (we suggest you check that the area is equipped to take the weight once full, of course).

They are supported by feet or cradles and the cylinders are generally made from stainless steel. Several manufacturers are now coming up with this orientation, and one of our favourites is the Joule range.

The Joule Cyclone range of horizontal unvented cylinders start at 125L and go right up to 500L in both direct and indirect versions, all at very affordable prices. They even do solar ones. They are billed as the UK’s fastest growing cylinder brand and we can certainly see why.joule-horizontal

So it could be a wise move to have a re-think when it comes to deciding where your new or replacement hot water cylinder could or should be sited. Especially as these days, in modern properties where space tends to be at a premium, a horizontal hot water cylinder could be a great solution to free up some living space.

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