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Installing a Quooker: will it fit in my kitchen?

Quooker installationEveryone seems to want a Quooker this year –they are very popular kitchen accessories, and we are experiencing unprecedented demand, along with a lot of questions – especially about the installation requirements. So although this is not an installation guide, I hope it helps answer the questions you have in mind.

Does a Quooker have a separate tank?

A lot of people assume that the water is literally heated ‘on demand’, but in fact it is heated and kept at 110 degrees in a tank which is under the sink. The Quooker tanks can be either 3litre (fine for a family), 7 litre (large family) or 11 litre (caterers): this tank sits on the floor of the cupboard, and takes up very little space, thanks to its cylindrical design.

Do I need to get an electrician to install my Quooker?

The Quooker comes with a standard 3-pin plug. If you have a spare nearby socket (you may well have one for your waste disposer or dishwasher) then that’s all you need, so you won’t need an electrician.

Do I need to have a qualified plumber install my Quooker?

Technically, any competent DIY-er should be able to install a Quooker: the instructions are very clear, and if you can cope with cutting a water pipe, the rest is pretty straightforward.

Does a Quooker tap have to be next to a sink?

Yes it does. Unlike some makes of boiling water tap, Quooker does not offer a ‘font’ and so the tap must be placed next to a sink.

Does the tank need to be directly under the tap?

We would certainly recommend it. Although extension hoses are available allowing you to site the tank further away from the sink, this will mean that there is more water in the pipe between the tank and the tap, meaning that you will need to draw off more water before you get boiling water.

How much space do I need under my sink for the Quooker tank?

The 3 litre tank is 40cm high and 15cm wide – it is worth checking out the space you have under your sink, particularly if you have a waste disposer or a water softener already there. If you have a middle shelf in your under-sink cupboard, you may well have to remove it.

Will I need to drill through my worktop?

Yes – you will need to make a 32-35mm hole for the tap. The tap is connected through this hole to the tank. The worktop should be no more than 50mm thick.

Because Quooker have now retired their range of boiling-only taps, we no longer supply them, but head over to our instant boiling water section to have a browse through all the other  brands available, or give us a call on 01934 253600.