Using top quality brands on our website has been one of our priorities from the start, and that is why we’re proud to announce that we have now added Lincat Water Boilers to our range.

Lincat have been manufacturing products for over 40 years, and as their experience has risen so has their reputation. Customers know when they buy a Lincat product they will be getting a reliable, durable, and high grade item that also comes with great technical help after the product has been purchased. Similar to us, Lincat are dedicate to customer satisfaction, and this can be seen in the quality across all of their ranges.

Why choose a Lincat EB3F water boiler?

The entry level product in the range is the Lincat EB3F water boiler, and is by far the most popular. This has an output of 31 litres per hour, or a rapid draw off of 9 litres. The EB3F is a counter top appliance that has a stylish look and would easily fit well in any café, restaurant, Lincat EB3F Water Boilerstaff room or canteen.  The non-drip tap is easy to operate, with a customer friendly interface that lets users know when the boiling water is ready to use. The Lincat EB3F comes with a filter that reduces lime scale build up, and is easily replaced by twisting and pulling the filter out. The EB4F is an exact model of the EB3F water boiler but has increased power, allowing the water boiler to output 45 litres an hour instead of 31 litres.

The EB6F model is an expanded version of the EB3F, almost doubling everything about the entry level model. With an output of 60 litres and a rapid draw off of 17 litres, this water boiler can easily deal with high usage, and even comes in a twin nozzle model (EB6TF) that can shorten the waiting time for users.

The next model in the Lincat range is slightly different, changing the taps into a push button. The EB3F/PB has an added faceplate that conceals the filter compartment for smoother aesthetics, but still retains the easiness of replacing the filters when needed to. The Lincat EB3F can be programmed to meter the dispense of water, further increasing the ease of use for the user. The EB3F/PB and EB3F/PBM share the rapid draw off and output per hour stats with the original Lincat EB3F water boiler.

Although there are additional accessories for the EB3F water boilers that allow the appliance tLincat WMB3Fo be mounted on the wall, there is a dedicated water boiler called the WMB3F that is wall mounted only. This model is great for saving space on an already cluttered countertop. Although not being as powerful as the EB3F water boiler, it still has an hourly output of 31 litres, but is limited to a rapid draw off of 3.5 litres.

The last model in the range is the LWB2, LWB4 and LWB6 which are manual fill water boilers that have capacities of 2, 4 and 6 gallons respectively. This model is great for allowing users to enjoy hot beverages in areas where extra plumbing is not wanted, like churches and community halls. It also has the benefit of being conveniently portable.

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