Trianco and Heatrae Sadia have dominated the market of electric flow boilers with the Aztec and Amptec range. The flow heaters are electric boilers for central heating systems. They can power either electric radiators or wet underfloor systems.  It works with standard pumps, thermostats and expansion vessels.

They have both recently released new more affordable flow boilers. The Inca is Trianco’s latest model, with it now being the most competitive flow boiler on the market. Four new models, starting at 2kW going up to 11kW. The difference between the Inca and the Aztec is the warranty length. Inca has a one-year warranty whereas the Aztec has got a 2-year warranty. However, the Inca boiler does have some key features; easy to install, replaceable elements and self-diagnostic checks.

Trianco Flow Boilers

These heating boilers are the perfect option for houses with no gas supply whilst offering 99.9% efficiency. The INCA is a slim vertical design which allows it to fit into small spaces at an incredible price. It is capable to supply enough water to heat a home with wet radiators or underfloor heating. Flow boilers are a closed sealed system with a pump and they can provide hot water for indirect cylinders for hot water. On average to heat a radiator it requires 1-1.5kW and for underfloor it is between 70-100 Watts per square metre.

If you are looking to build an extension or conservatory with one radiator or small area of

underfloor heating. Then the 2kW Inca is the ideal product to provide for this, saving you having to buy a bigger gas boiler. The next size up in this range is 4kW, which would be suitable for 3-4 radiators or 40m2 underfloor heating.

The most popular models in the range is the 6kW and 9kW boilers. The 6kW boiler generally is used for small 1 or 2 bed places with 4 or 5 radiators. The 9kW heater is the one that most people look for. Providing heating for 6-7 radiators or 90m2 of underfloor heating. The last one in the range is the 11kW model this requires its own dedicated circuit.

If you have requirements for more than 10 radiators or 120m2 of underfloor heating then you can have two boilers. To do this they will work on a relay system so that only one of them is heating at anyone time. The relay system works by only allowing one to be on and it switches between them.

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