Although they are both top names in providing water to commercial offices and workplaces, there are some big differences between the boiling and chilled taps from Zip and Brita Vivreau which are not immediately obvious.

Before we look at those differences, it is important to point out that both of the products we will look at here are excellent quality, and very good value for money in a commercial environment.

Both companies come with unquestionable reputations – Zip has certainly been in the UK boiling water market for many years and has a market leading position, whereas everyone is aware of the experience and reputation of BRITA in the provision of filtered water products.

We’ll look at each of their models which are intended for a large office environment (i.e. more than 50 users, who don’t all require a hot drink at the same time, but have reasonably even demand during the day).

And the models we will compare are capable of delivering both instant boiling water, and instant chilled water – both of which are filtered by internal taste and odour filters.

The models are the Zip BC240/175G4, and the BRITA Vivreau Vi-1H, and the main points to note are:

  • Both of these taps can be situated over a sink, or away from the sink on its own drip tray which drains to waste: with Zip this is an added cost extra but comes included as standard with the Brita.
  • Both models use pumps to move the water from the undersink unit to the tap, and then siphon any unused water back into the undersink tank. This is important because it means you do not get the spitting you get with 100 degree, unpumped systems, and neither do you get water left in the pipework which would otherwise end up as cold water in the next person’s cup!
  • If you are in a hard water area, you will need some form of limescale protection – this is available on both models but is a chargeable option on the Zip (in the form of a replaceable filter) but included as standard on the BRITA Vivreau as an electromagnetic scale reducer which does not need replacing.
  • Something which always needs careful consideration is whether the under-sink units will in fact fit into the space you have available (it is not uncommon for under-sink cupboards to be hacked around in various ways!). In terms of depth, the Zip is 470mm and the Vivreau is 320mm.
  • Under the sink, the Zip comes as one unit which copes with both the boiling and the chilled water, whereas the Brita Vivreau comes as 2 separate units. This can put the Vivreau at an advantage if you need to split them between 2 cupboards, for example, and the taste and odour filter is not enclosed in the Vivreau unit, which makes it extremely slim in comparison to the Zip.
  • Warranty on both products is an on-site warranty, so an engineer will come out and fix it with no need to uninstall it. Zip offer a 24 month warranty, and Brita offer a 12 month warranty.


Here’s a summary of these points, and some more detail on the measurements:


We are always updating our prices to make sure we are the most competitively priced supplier, so for up-to-the-minute pricing and more product details, click here for the Zip BC240/175G4 and here for the BRITA Vivreau tap.

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