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Heatrae Sadia Supreme

Heatrae Sadia Supreme

Heatrae Sadia Supreme Boiling Water Dispenser

The Supreme range of water boilers are an excellent solution for instant boiling water where the requirement is from 2.5 litres up to a huge 40 litres. They are on-wall units, and are 0often purchased with the optional drip-tray and water filter kit. The Supreme water boilers are extremely popular in schools and colleges, providing instant boiling water in staff rooms around the country: typically a fair bit cheaper than the on-counter taps, they nonetheless still save huge amounts of time as staff are not kept hanging around wating for kettles to boil. This is particularly important when break times are short and time is valuable!

The UK-made Supreme range comes in either a durable white ABS plastic finish or a stainless steel finish (denoted by SS in the model number). All the models use the Heatrae System 'Intelliboil' system, which automatically let the water cool from 100 degrees to 90 degrees if the unit has not been used for a while: on next-use, the unit then restores its normal boiling cycle.

Each Supreme on-wall water boiler contains a built-in electromagnetic wave generator to treat the water as it comes into the unit. This deals with the problem of scale build-up, by altering the structure of the calcium carbonate in the water, causing it to remain suspended in the water rather than adhering to the element or tank. The optional water fltration system available will deal with any taste and odour issues present in your water supply.

The reliability level is extremely high, and is backed up by a 2-year parts and labour guarantee with on-site service support.