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Medium All-in-One Hydrotaps

Zip All-in-One Hydrotaps for Medium Offices

Selection Guide STEP 4 - Choose the function of your All-in-One Hydrotaps for a medium office environment.

The Zip All-in-One Hydrotaps listed below are all recommended for use in a medium office or workplace (from 20 - 50 people). The All-in-One taps deliver everything from a single tap: the instant boiling/chilled/sparkling water is delivered by using the levers at the top of the tap, and the hot and cold water is delivered by using the mixer lever at the side of the tap. These taps are only suitable for use over a sink - they cannot be placed on a font - but the tap can swivel from one side to the other, allowing it to be positioned midway on a double sink.

All of the  numbers in the models below represent the capacities of the units, and if it starts with an 'S' then it produces sparkling water as well as Boiling and Chilled filtered water.

If the model number contains 'AN', then the unit will deliver hot water which comes from your existing hot water supply, whereas if it contains 'AV', then it only needs a cold water feed as it will create the hot water itself.

Zip commercial Hydrotaps