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Zip Miniboil Hydrotaps

Zip Miniboil Hydrotaps for the Home


The Zip HydroTap Miniboil is an excellent choice for the domestic kitchen, particularly where under-sink space is limited. It delivers both instant filtered boiling water, and filtered cold water.

Rather than the physical levers of the rest of the Zip Hydrotap range, the Miniboil has touch buttons on the top of the tap (they do not depress, they are touch sensitive): to dispense the water, the thumb touches the ‘safety’ button, and a finger touches the ‘Boiling’ or ‘Ambient’ button.

The under-sink unit is smaller than the rest of the Hydrotap range, and has an external water filter for taste and odour (we also recommend a scale filter if you are in a hard water area).

Using the optional font, which is like a mini self contained sink, the Miniboil can be positioned away from your main sink. The font also increases the height of the Miniboil (by about 100mm) so that it is easier to place pots and jugs underneath the tap.

The Zip Hydroboil Miniboil comes in a polished chrome finish known as the Elite.

The Miniboil uses the ‘Power Pulse’ technology of Zip which regulates its power during low and high usage periods, saving energy and maintaining the tightest possible temperature control.

It also has an ‘Inactivity Sleep Mode’ which allows the Miniboil to be preset to go into a sleep mode after 2 hours of not being use, which allows the temperature of the water to drop to 65 degrees (i.e. hot enough to prevent any bacterial growth). It will then quickly recover (in a maximum of 2 mins 30 secs) the next time it is used.

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