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Fryers and Chip Scuttles

Chip Fryers and Scuttles

The time it takes to cook food in a deep fryer compared to other methods of cooking is significantly less. The larger and more dense the food you are cooking, the more you will see these benefits. Fast food restaurants use deep frying because their customers love the tender taste of the food as well as the ease and speed.  Double tank fryers are available if large quantities of food needs to be cooked at once or if foods need to be cooked in separate oil.

The perfect accompaniment to a fryer is a chip scuttle. They are designed to keep fried foods hot and customer ready as well as the food fresh. A chip scuttle is a key factor in reducing food waste. Profit is a priority in all businesses and therefore reduced food waste is essential. Take a look at one of the Roller Grill chip scuttles here.

Electrical Deals Direct sell a vast range of other commercial catering products online. The team are on hand to guide and advise, ensuring the right purchase is made at the right price. Call one of the team now on 01934 253600 or chat to a real person on the website chat feature. Alternatively, read one of the many informative blogs at the Advice Centre to learn more about the commercial catering products or for more information on chip fryers and scuttles have a look at our informative blog.

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