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Undersink Water Heaters

An undersink water heater is a small unit that provides instant warm water. Undersink water heaters are a popular choice because warm water can be obtained by the user almost instantly. Unlike a regular water heater undersink water heaters do not require long pipes and this allows the unit to deliver instantly, perfect for when warm water is needed at point of use for example a sink, garage, office or en suite.

Alongside instant warm water, undersink water heaters come with many other advantages. They are often a top pick due to their compact size, this allows these units to be small enough to fit in a cupboard directly where the outlet is, and can be installed wall mounted or free standing.

Undersink water heaters are economical and this saves on energy and water waste. These savings are possible as water is only heated and used when it is in demand. It can generate savings of up to 50%, benefiting both the bill payer and the environment.