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  • Veltia Hand Dryer in Black VUKBL009

Veltia Hand Dryer in Black VUKBL009

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Veltia Hand Dryer in black

Fast, Hygienic and Eco-friendly, the Veltia New Generation Hand Dryer is unique in the market place.Twice as fast as most conventional hand dryers, the Veltia draws in cold air which is then jetted out of over 300 micro air streams at over 50m/s to completely dry both sides of your hands in record time. Without heat, the bacteria that would normally thrive in the warm, moist enviroment of a hand dryer, struggle to breed and multiply. Therefore unlike other driers, the unique design of the VELTIA means it can be fitted in kitchens, laboratories and within the NHS.

Fast and Efficient Drying

A state-of-the-art high speed system dries hands in an impressive 12-15 seconds, draining the water into the dryer itself, maintaining a cleaner and safer environment. The Veltia unique drying system is not based on hot air, which means no hot parts and no dried out skin. On the contrary, using the Veltia to dry your hands feels more like a soft massage.

Ecological Savings

Thanks to the fast operation, the Veltia saves up to 85% in power consumption compared to other hand dryers on the market. The need for paper towels in the wash room will be eliminated, reducing costs, litter and maintaining a cleaner more hygienic environment. The Veltia Hand Dryer is the most environmentally friendly choice for drying hands!

Zero Smell

The Veltia is the first and only hand dryer in the world capable of eliminating bad smells. Veltia Hand Dryers include an innovative system that neutralizes bad smells. This system is biodegradable, nontoxic and very easy to maintain by the use of a small gel tablet in the dryer.

Each Zero Smell Gel tablet (available separately) works for 3 to 4 months and it is effective even after getting wet. Smell Gel is safe to use and is kind to the environment. It is easy to handle and it can be treated as a domestic waste.


Microban antibacterial protection technology is built into Veltia Hand Dryers during manufacture. Thus Veltia is doubly hygienic to use and the protection cannot wear away- Microban antibacterial protection is intended as a hygienic addition to normal cleaning practices, not a substitute.


The Veltia New Generation Hand Dryer comes with a 3 year parts and labour guarantee and a 5 year parts guarantee in the UK only.

Click here for our Veltia Hand Dryer Information page.

Additional Information

Name Veltia Hand Dryer in Black VUKBL009
Product Code EDDVEL03
Colour Black
Dry Time (secs) 12
Power (Watts) 1760
Noise Level (dB) 70
Warranty (years) 5
Air Speed (m/s) 125
Height (mm) 617
Width (mm) 300
Depth (mm) 195