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Zip Water Heating

Electric Water Heating Products from Zip

A full range of water heating options.


Zip Water Heating Zip provide a full range of highly energy-efficient water heating equipment which has created a long-standing and excellent reputation for top quality, high value water heating products. There are Zip water heating products to suit all requirements from large cistern fed 100 litres units, down to instantaneous heaters to supply individual sinks.

Select one of the Zip water heating ranges from the options, above. They are:



- this is the 'ES' Zip water heating range, the 'CEX' range and the 'DEX' range. All of these heat water on demand, close to the point of consumption thus removing energy loss through water being heated and not used, and also reducing energy loss by water being drawn through long pipe runs from the heating unit. As there is no stored hot water, there is no requirement for venting or expansion. The units are extremely small compared with any stored water solution, and so are ideal where space is at a premium. They usually require a different cable from the consumer unit, however, so if this is not possible then you may need to consider a stored water solution.


- fed directly from the cold water mains supply, these systems do not need cold water storage cisterns yet deliver high performance in terms of efficiency and speed for filling baths and showering. Available in the 3 ranges - Aquapoint, Varipoint and Aquaflo, which range from 5 litres up to a massive 300 litres. Expansion is handled either within the surrounding pipework (for the smaller models) or in the supplied expansion vessels.

Open Vented

- the Zip open vented systems are available in both oversink and undersink variations. The oversink includes a spout and valve, and the undersink requires vented taps. The two Open Vented ranges are the Tudor, and the Contract. A vented water heater can only serve a single outlet, but its advantage is that it does not need any expansion vessels, since the expansion of water is taken care of by the special vented taps.

For more information on any of these Zip water heating products, and on the issues related to them such as the advantages of instantaneous heating or dealing with water expansion, check out our Advice Centre articles (on the right of this page).

All Zip water heating products are usually available with short order times, and we offer the option of overnight or weekend deliveries in many cases, anywhere in the UK. For more information on these, or if you require any other information on the Zip range of water heaters, please do not hesitate to call us on 01934 253600.

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