The Ariston Pro Eco electric water heater is a big upgrade for the previous models: it's an innovative water heater combining maximum savings without compromising on performance.

Eco Evo smart function uses advanced technology to memorise user habits. This unique function follows the user’s daily routine over the first few weeks and memories this for continued future use.  The integrated software recalls the daily habits and delivers hot water when it is in demand. Up to 14% can be saved on energy bills with Eco Evo smart function.

Ariston Pro Eco continues its futuristic energy saving plan with Waterplus technology. Water enters at the bottom of the heater, ensuring there is minimal mixing of the new cold water with the existing hot water in the tank. Hot water rises to the top of the tank giving the new cold water time to heat up before it mixes with the hot water. Incredibly creating 16% more available hot water.

The extra 16% of hot water readily available means there is always enough extra hot water for another shower. If the user is unsure if there is enough hot water in the tank, there is an indicator on the water heater to show if there is enough hot water for at least one shower available – handy if you don’t want to run out of water half way through a shower!

The inner surface of the tank is enamelled with a titanium coating. An anti-corrosion and rust resistant material will prolong the life of the water tank. Other safety features include an automatic anti-legionella function, whereby once a month the internal temperature will reach 65c to kill bacteria and keep the water hygienic. Additionally holiday mode ensures the heaters internal temperature does fall below 5c to prevent internal freezing of the tank. To further add to the heaters safety function is the no water protection. The water heater will not turn on if the internal tank is empty, preventing a burnout.

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