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JETBOX - Hand Dryers

The JETBOX team have used their many years’ experience in the hand dryer market to create a range of dryers which answer the 3 most important requirements of any hand dryer buyer:


Having a hand dryer which does not work effectively and quickly is a waste of time and money. You can see from the specifications of the JETBOX range that each dryer delivers a high-power, efficient hand drying experience.


Hand dryer usage delivers massive financial savings over paper towels, but the JETBOX range takes that further still, using minimal electricity and offering the option to alter motor speeds and warming temperatures to suit your environment and budget.


The JETBOX range puts its money where its mouth is, offering warranties which go up to 5 years on the Eco model, so you’ll never have any concerns over reliability. Now all you need to do is select the best model from the JETBOX range of the JETBOX Junior, the JETBOX Eco and the JETBOX Blade:

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