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Waffle Iron and Crepe

Waffle and Crepe Machines 

Electrical Deals Direct recognise the commercial catering industry is a rapidly growing and varied business. Whatever your requirements the right product can be found to suit your budget, style, size and volume. Waffle and crepe machines are a large business in themselves and we want to make sure the right purchase is made at the right price.

Waffle Machine

Waffle machines come in both single and double capacities and round or squared shape. There is also the choice of models with triple coated non-stick plates such as the Waring Single Waffle Maker or the Buffalo waffle maker using stainless steel construction and cast iron plates to make it highly robust, the varieties are endless.

Crepe machine
Crepe Machine

The majority of the crepe machines are made from a cast iron base other than the Roller Grill Infra Red Crepe machine. They are available in a single or double plate capacity.

Ice Cream Cone Maker

Add value to ice cream by using premium ice cream cones with the Waring double ice cream cone maker. 

Electrical Deals Direct sell a vast range of other commercial catering products online. Call one of the team now on 01934 253600 or chat to a real person on the website chat feature. 

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