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Are You Choosing a Hand Dryer?

There are hundreds of hand dryers to choose from, with more appearing each month, which is why a lot of our work is helping customers through the maze of choices. In many cases, we end up saving our customers considerable amounts of money.

Although there are a few brands of hand dryer, such as the Dyson Airblade, or the Warner Howard Airforce, which have become familiar sights in public washrooms up and down the country, there are also a number of dryers which perform equally as well and may fit your requirements better. And particularly in recent years, great progress has been made in areas such as the noise levels, new types of blade dryers, speed and the eco credentials of modern hand dryers.

Feel free to browse through the options to the right so you can see what each manufacturer offers. Or as a possible shortcut, we often find that there is one simple question which can quickly get to the right hand dryer: it's whether you are looking for a budget dryer, a Performance hand dryer, or a Prestige dryer. This form of categorisation works well for the majority of our customers, and so below we have placed some recommendations based on each of them. If your requirements are more complicated, please do call our hand dryer experts on 01934 253600 and we'll be happy to discuss what you need so we can identify the dryer which will fit perfectly.

1.       Budget hand dryer.

You might be a contractor who has just been asked to buy a hand drying unit. Or you might have a low-usage requirement in somewhere like the washroom of a village hall. The type of dryer doesn’t really matter, and the budget is not huge: anything to avoid the use of those messy and expensive paper towels! From our point of view, at the low-budget end of the market, the most important thing is that it actually works (and as I’m sure you know, many of them don’t). If they are just too slow, people will not use them and will leave the washroom wiping their hands on their jeans, spreading germs all over the place and making a mental note not to bother even washing their hands next time.

So if you fall into this category, we currently have 3 top recommendations:

The  Budget hand dryer – This 1800 Watt budget hand dryer represents remarkable value for money, and has an excellent specification. Price: just £69.99 plus VAT!

The new EL600 from leading brand Warner Howard is an excellent quality dryer at a surprisingly good price.

If your budget will stretch tslightly further, the Eco dryer from Biodrier comes in either white or silver and despite its very impressive performance figures, it dries hands in around 10 seconds.

2.       Performance hand dryer.

As the level of usage goes up, you need to put more consideration into the build quality and performance of the hand dryer you choose. Otherwise you’ll end up with running costs which are unnecessarily high or have issues with breakdowns. You can spend anything from around £200 to £400 in this category, and you’ll be pleased to know that all of our recommendations are in the lower end of that!

Top of the list for us at the moment is definitely the JETBOX Eco – fast dry time, adjustable heating element AND the ability to turn the motor down (on a dial-type control) to both save energy and reduce noise if required and perhaps most reassuring of all – a FIVE year warranty : all for £239 ex VAT. 

Secondly, the Airforce from Warner Howard is a market leader that you will probably have already used – in a service station, a restaurant or an airport. Stylish looks, reliable and low power consumption continues to make this an extremely popular dryer.

And thirdly, it might have an unfortunate name, but the Kangarillo 2 dryer from Handy Dryers is excellent alternative to the XLerator – at less than half the price. Now with an ‘automatic’ heating element which varies in heat output according to the ambient temperature and an improved motor, it’s available in white, black or polished steel.

3.       Hand Dryer Image

If you are determined that you want the absolute best, or that your washroom needs to reinforce the superior image of your organisation, then you are spoiled for choice, but our favourites in this category (each of which will save you money over the Dyson range) are these:

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel SMART is very serious competition for the XLerator and the Dyson ‘V’ dryer – both in terms of price and power consumption, and reliability will be second to none.

At this end of the market, our customers are often looking for a ‘hands-in’ model, and we would suggest that it is difficult to beat the Business2 from Biodrier and the Mitsubishi Jet Towel SLIM (depending on your budget) for  the combination of style, purchase price and performance.

We don't expect you to be a hand dryer expert - that's our job - so we provide a number of different ways you can choose the right model for your particular requirements:

Click here to download our free ebook on choosing the best hand dryer

If you know what manufacturer you would like to choose, then find them from the list above, and browse through the various models they offer.

Or if you need to understand the various issues involved in making the right selection, or even if you are at the point of deciding between a hand dryer or the use of paper towels, then there is a wealth of hand dryer opinion, advice and review material at our Advice Centre, which you will find by clicking here.

And last but by no means least, the quickest way to get what you need may just be to give us a call on 01934 253600 - sad though it is, we're always happy to talk hand dryers to anyone who'll listen!

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