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Boiling Water Taps for your Office or Commercial Area

Providing instant boiling (and chilled) water for your staff is becoming the norm in most modern offices. Gone are expensive vending machines, environmentally unfriendly coffee machines and, of course, old-fashioned kettles. 

They're all being replaced with easy to use, energy efficient and completely flexible hot, cold and filtered water appliances which look great, deliver on demand and allow your employees to make whatever drink they are after.

Ice-cold carbonated and filtered water, their favourite tea, or any instant coffee. They can all be made with the water from one of the top-class boiling and chilled water dispensers from the world's leading manufacturers.

Electrical Deals Direct have supplied these to thousands of happy customers over the last 10 years and have built up an enviable reputation fo being able to match what you need to exactly the right type of boiling water appliance. If you can't easily find the right information here, just pick up the phone and call one of our friendly and knowledgeable boiling water experts who will quickly identify a shortlist of appliances. 

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Top Brand: Zip Water

Zip have long been a market leader in the UK and continue to be on the cutting edge of commercial boiling water appliances. Click to see the full range of their taps here, or the on-wall HydroBoils here

The familiar classic tap style, along with perhaps the highest number of output, style and colour combinations available are some of the reasons the Zip Tap has become the industry standard. If you're looking for a replacement water filter, we have the full range available here.

Top Brand: Billi

Billi (from Australia) are the creators of the original instant boiling water tap, and have spent years designing and improving their original models. The Billi range now covers almost every combination of boiling, chilled, sparkling and hot & cold water for your office kitchen. It includes a collection of unique, highly advanced features, such as variable speed pumps, water cooling, and simple filter change which give them a real edge in the market. The Billi market share in increasing quickly and your shortlist should certainly contain at least one of the available models.

Top Brand: Vivreau from Brita 

Vivreau instant boiling water taps from BRITA obviously come from a trusted and reliable brand in the drinking water sector and their range of distinctive Vi-taps are selling extremely well. Because the under-sink units are separate for boiling and chilled functions, and they come with a font/drip tray, they are  a favourite with installers. High quality components and good scale filtration means the reliability levels of the Vivreau range is extremely high.

Top Brand: Aqua Libra 

The Aqua Libra taps for the commercial market are a Britvic brand and offer perhaps the biggest leap forward in water purification of any commercially available boiling tap. Particularly in hard water areas, this is a huge advantage, since most maintenance problems for commercial boiling taps are caused by scale build-up on the internal components. When combined with a striking, high performance tap, the Aqua Libra range should definitely make it onto your shortlist.

On-Wall Water Boilers

On-wall water boilers are a popular choice for many office and commercial kitchens.

They offer the same ability to deliver plenty of hot water for tea and coffee for staff, but in an appliance which is both easier to install and typically a lot cheaper to purchase than a tap.

Also, the tank sizes available in many ranges can be many times that typically available for boiling water taps. This makes them much more suitable for situations where you need a high number of cups of boiling water at one time. This makes them very popular choices for school staff rooms (where everyone needs a coffee at break times) or village halls (where everyone needs a cup of tea at the end of a meeting).

Some of these ranges go as far as offering 25 litre units, which can generate over 100 mugs of boiling water as their 'initial draw-off'.

Some of the most popular units are below, but you can use our product advisor to help you to quickly arrive at your shortlist by clicking here.


Boiling Water Taps

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  1. Hyco Crystal Pure Cold Water Tap CPURE
    £85.38 £71.15
  2. Burco 2.5L Manual Fill Water Boiler MFC2T
    £136.62 £113.85
  3. Burco 10L Manual Fill Water Boiler MFCT10STHF
    £190.44 £158.70
  4. Burco 20L Manual Fill Water Boiler MFCT20ST
    £200.10 £166.75
  5. Burco 30L Manual Fill Water Boiler MFCT30ST
    £227.70 £189.75
  6. Elson EBW25 Boiling Water Heater
    £431.94 £359.95
  7. Quench Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Water Boiler AQ5L
    £480.00 £400.00
  8. Buffalo 10Ltr Autofill Water Boiler CN535
    £489.60 £408.00
  9. Hyco Omega Wall Mounted 3L Boiling Water Heater OMEG3
    £507.16 £422.63
  10. Quench Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Water Boiler AQ7L
    £516.00 £430.00
  11. Burco Wall-Mounted Autofill 5L Water Boiler with Filtration AFF5WM
    £534.00 £445.00
  12. Britvic Aqua Libra G1 Touchless System without display
    £538.80 £449.00
  13. Lincat EB3FX 10 Litre FilterFlow Automatic Water Boiler
    £541.20 £451.00
  14. Calmag 3in1 Swan Neck Boiling Water Tap Chrome DWFK-CALHWT-CP-SWAN
    £542.46 £452.05
  15. Burco Countertop Autofill 5L Water Boiler with Filtration AFF5CT
    £546.00 £455.00
  16. Marco T5 Automatic Ecoboiler Tap GL420 1000660
    £550.80 £459.00
  17. Marco T10 Automatic Ecoboiler Tap GL421 1000661
    £574.80 £479.00
  18. Buffalo 10Ltr Autofill Water Boiler with Filtration CN534
    £575.21 £479.34
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240 items