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Budget Hand Dryers | Commercial Hand Dryers at Low Prices

For Cheap / Financially Budgeted Hand Dryers Visit this Page Instead: "Cheap Hand Dryers" - This page you are browsing refers to budget as a brand


Budget Commercial Hand Dryers - Whilst ever so self-explanatory, Budget are a brand that have slowly been growing into the market. Able to offer a host of Hand Dryer options at an absolute minimum price, many of these find themselves in our lowest pricing dryers - capable just about of drying your hands! This would be your answer for a bare minimum style purchaser, something surprisingly many specifiers are looking for! Whilst void of many of the wonderful sales features that alternative brands like Mitsubishi offer, and not having the depth of range for your needs like Handy Dryers, these Budget options can very definitely tick some boxes, start improving your overall washroom hygiene, and who knows, maybe might just be your perfect spec!

Please find the Budget Brand Hand Dryers below:


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6 Items

  1. Budget Hand Dryer 1800 HDGSX1800W
    SKU: EDDBHD1800
    £73.20 £61.00
  2. Budget Hand Dryer 2500S HDGSQ250ABS
    SKU: EDDBHD2500S
    £118.80 £99.00
  3. Budget Hand Dryer 2500W HDGSQ250AW
    SKU: EDDBHD2500W
    £118.80 £99.00
  4. Budget Classic Hand Dryer in White GSQ250White
    SKU: EDDND01
    £125.99 £104.99
  5. Budget Classic Hand Dryer in Chrome GSQ250Chrome
    SKU: EDDND03
    £131.99 £109.99
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6 Items