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Electrical Deals Direct - Discount Hand Dryers, Boiling Taps and Water Heating

Here at Electrical Deals Direct, a lot of our work is advising customers in buying exactly the right product. For many of our customers, this results in the perfect combination of 'Cheaper and Better' -  a saving of many hundreds of pounds, as well as getting a product which better fits your needs. Take a look through our customer testimonials, and you will see that this is something we achieve on a regular basis.

We do this both over the phone, and also by providing hundreds of articles on various aspects of hand dryers, boiling water taps or heating products – something which has earned us a reputation as "independent experts" in each of these fields.

As you browse the site, you will come across links to these articles which will help you choose your purchase wisely, but if at any point you would like to clarify something, please feel free to pick up the phone and call our friendly experts on 01934 253600.

Electrical Deals Direct - How we work

The common thread running through everything we sell (whether it is a hand-dryer, a boiling water tap or an electric water heater), is that making the wrong decision can be costly. And nowadays, these products are sufficiently complicated that it is very easy to either fall for the latest gadgets or buy the model with the most features and then find out that you really don’t need them.

With years of experience of providing products from over 30 different manufacturers to commercial, trade, and residential customers, we have amassed huge amounts of knowledge in each of our speciality areas and are proud of the reputation we have built up. And now, through our sister company The GasWorX, you can order a new gas boiler for installation.

Hand Dryers

We supply thousands of different dryers from around the world to our customers every year. Whether you are looking for the most advanced blade hand dryer on the market or the cheapest budget eco dryer you can find, you could do worse than have a browse through our Hand Dryer Buying guide (a free ebook) our call us to pinpoint the best model for you. 

Boiling Water Taps

They are the ‘must have’ appliance in the kitchen this year, but instant boiling water is an essential facility for your staff in the workplace – saving time and money. However, not all boiling water taps are the same! Choosing the right functions for dispensing water is one thing, but getting the right quality is also vital. Whether you are looking for the office, or for home, our site has been specifically designed to guide you through the maze of taps, counter-tops units, boiling and chilling units, capacities and prices so you can arrive at exactly what you need. 

Electric Water Heaters

Even if you are a professional, modern electric water heaters can fall in the knowledge gap between plumbers and electricians. We have created an extensive set of articles on expansion vessels, vented taps, electrically heated radiators, pre-plumbed cylinders and instantaneous heaters. All of these live in our Advice centre, but you will also see them appearing on the appropriate and category product pages throughout the site.

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