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Zip Hydrotaps

Zip Hydrotaps

Zip Hydrotaps - Instant Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Water for Home and Workplace

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We are ALWAYS being asked for help understanding the range of Zip Hydrotaps, so we created these pages to allow you to find the tap which best suits your requirement as easily as possible. To start, just select whether you need a Zip Hydrotap for a Commercial or a Domestic property from the images above, or from the menu on the right hand side.

Zip steaming boiling water taps

The new Zip HydroTap G5 range of kitchen and office taps makes sure that Zip retain their position as the providers of the most advanced drinking water appliances in the world bringing improvements in efficiency, safety and flexibility. They also now come with a competition-beating warranty: full parts and labour for 3 years on the tap and 5 years on the tank.

Zip have taps capable of delivering almost any combination of Boiling, Cold,  Chilled and Sparkling filtered water as well as normal hot & cold.

The Zip HydroTap G5 Under-sink Command Centre

These units have been simplified in number, and improved in functionality. The improvements cover a number of areas:

Zip HydroTap G4

The undersink unit contains an internal pressure limiting valve, is able to detect any internal leaks, and contains protection against any electrical overload. A continuous diagnostics system also makes available a history of all check results.

The cross-ventilated, air-cooled system does not dump water to waste.

There are four different energy-saving settings, allowing managers to select an appropriate efficiency setting for each unit. An improved cross-ventilation system means there is no longer any need for an external fan.

Electronically monitored and highly advanced insulation results in a 55% saving in standby power consumption compared with previous models.

Power-Pulse technology controls water temperature to within 0.2 degrees C, which can be set between 100 and 68 degrees.

A simple PIN-code protected touch-screen controller on the front of the unit allows management control over all areas of the unit’s operation such as the energy, safety and temperature settings.

The Zip HydroTap G5 Taps

The tap can be set to ‘finger and thumb’ operation for boiling water access, eliminating accidental use, or the unit can be set to boiling isolation mode for increased safety.

The G5 tap comes with a longer spout, to cater for under-mount sinks. The levers operate in both directions, so pushing the lever down is fast filling of cups, and pulling the lever up allows hands-free pot filling.Indicator lights in the tap show whether boiling and chilled water is ready to dispense, and also whether the filter is due for replacement.

A hidden light sensor in the tap will send the unit to sleep when the room goes dark, and it will also sleep or power off after 2 hours of not being used (but will not allow the water to drop below 65 degrees, even when in sleep mode). In addition, a 24/7 timer can be configured to allow power-down at weekends and restart on a Monday morning, for example.

The G5 can be mounted over the sink, away from the sink (with the optional font kit) or selected in either the Industrial or Correctional (side buttons) variants.

The Zip 0.2 micron filter is the most advanced water filtration available, and filters out impurities as small as 1/5000 of a millimetre, removing chlorine taste and odour, but retaining beneficial fluoride.




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Zip HydroTap G4

Zip G4 Undersink Unit

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  1. HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave boiling 160 bright chrome for work - H5W706Z00UK
    £2,550.00 £2,125.00
  2. Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave Boiling Ambient BA160G5 H5W708Z00UK
    £2,748.00 £2,290.00
  3. HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave boiling 240 bright chrome for work H5W707Z00UK
    £2,853.30 £2,377.75
  4. Zip HydroTap BH160 G5 Boiling Hot & Cold 3-in-1 Tap H55806Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55806Z00UK
    £3,160.80 £2,634.00
  5. Zip HydroTap H55702Z00UK BC100/75 G5 Boiling Chilled Tap H55702UK
    £3,516.00 £2,930.00
  6. Zip HydroTap BH240 G5 Boiling Hot & Cold 3-in-1 Tap H55807Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55807Z00UK
    £3,610.80 £3,009.00
  7. Zip HydroTap BC140/75G5 Boiling Chilled Tap H55799Z00UK Polished Chrome
    SKU: EDDZIPH55799Z00UK
    £3,840.00 £3,200.00
  8. Zip HydroTap Classic BC160/175 G5 Boiling Chilled Tap H55704Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55704Z00UK
    £4,104.00 £3,420.00
  9. Zip HydroTap AV140/75 G5 Boiling Chilled Hot & Cold All-in-One Tap H56726Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH56726Z00UK
    £4,140.59 £3,450.49
  10. Zip HydroTap BCS100/75 G5 Boiling Chilled Sparkling HydroTap H55760Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55760Z00UK
    £4,167.91 £3,473.26
  11. Zip HydroTap AN140/75 G5 Boiling Chilled Hot & Cold All-in-OneTap H56799Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH56799Z00UK
    £4,315.66 £3,596.38
  12. Zip HydroTap AV160/175 G5 Boiling Chilled Hot & Cold All-in-one Tap H56723Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH56723Z00UK
    £4,550.05 £3,791.71
  13. Zip HydroTap Classic Plus G5 Chilled and Sparkling Tap H55765Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55765Z00UK
    £4,550.62 £3,792.18
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43 items