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Hyco Water Heating

Hyco Water Heating

Hyco are a specialist manufacturer and has been a distributor of electrical equipment for over 25 years, this makes them a leading player in the electric water heating market.


The largest unvented water heater / electric boiler from Hyco is the Powerflow wall-mounted unit. These are designed to produce constant hot water on a large scale without the need of a large cylinder. They are for installations such as bathrooms, cloakrooms and commercial kitchens and can provide between 30 and 100 Litres of hot water.

Instantaneous Water Heating

Rho - Ideal for when space is limited, this compact unit can be discreetly tucked away under sinks or inside a cupboard. These water heaters heat water on demand, close to the point of consumption thus removing energy loss through water being heated and not used. The Rho thermostatically controlled model ensures the temperature is controlled electronically and therefore accurately.

Aquila - The Aquila is an instantaneous inline water heater suitable for handwashing for up to 2 basins or dishwashing at 1 sink. Hyco recommends checking that the flow rate and temperature performance is adequate enough for the unit before it is purchased. As well as the Hyco Aquila and Rho, Zip offer a range of instantaneous water heaters, take a look at one of our blogs for more information.


Speedflow water heaters are perfect for cloakrooms, kitchen offices, student accommodation or any other small premises where there is a central hot water system. They are versatile water heaters because they can be installed above or under a sink, wall or floor mounted. These water heaters are available in  5, 10 or 15-litre models and come in a 1kW or 3 kW output.


Both the over-sink and under-sink models are designed for occasional light use, such as a portable building. This unit is compatible if the heater needs to be frequently drained, the unit simply needs to be switched off and it will automatically reset itself.


The team at Electrical Deals Direct are full of knowledge on these cylinders and is on hand to guide and advise, ensuring the right purchase is made at the right price. There are many blogs in the Advice Centre that may answer some of your water cylinder questions. For example ‘What size what cylinder do I need?’, if you’re unsure whether you need a direct or indirect cylinder click here to find out and there is even a blog to advise on recovery time for an electric water heater. Alternatively, call one of the team now on 01934 253600 for further information or chat with a real person on the website chat feature. 

Hyco Water Heating

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19 Items

  1. Hyco 3kW Manual Instantaneous Hand Wash HW30M
    £66.04 £55.03
  2. Hyco Handyflow 5 Litre 2kW Vented Oversink Water Heater HF05LM
    £89.20 £74.33
  3. Hyco 3kW Automatic Instantaneous Hand Wash HW30A
    £103.63 £86.36
  4. Hyco Handyflow 5 Litre 2kW Vented Undersink Water Heater HF05MVC
    £118.81 £99.01
  5. Hyco Speedflow 5 Litre Undersink 2kW Unvented Water Heater SF05K
    £120.34 £100.28
  6. Hyco Rho 4.4kW Instantaneous Inline Water Heater IN44
    £125.40 £104.50
  7. Hyco Speedflow 10 Litre Undersink 2kW Unvented Water Heater SF10K
    £128.46 £107.05
  8. Hyco Speedflow 15 Litre Undersink 2kW Unvented Water Heater SF15K
    £137.92 £114.93
  9. Hyco Rho 6kW Instantaneous Inline Water Heater IN60
    £140.24 £116.87
  10. Hyco Aquila 9.6kW Instantaneous Inline Water Heater IN96T
    £245.59 £204.66
  11. Hyco Superflow Multipoint Unvented Floor Mounted 90L Water Heater SR90
    £670.80 £559.00
  12. Hyco Sapphire Undersink Water Chiller 20L/hour
    £705.41 £587.84
  13. Hyco Superflow Multipoint Unvented Floor Mounted 140L Water Heater SR140
    £838.80 £699.00
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19 Items