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Who are the guys behind Electrical Deals Direct?

Let's face it, not many people feel the need to become experts in hand dryers or boiling water taps: but you need to understand enough to avoid an expensive buying mistake.

So Since 2010, James and Tim have been hard at work building a team of nerds in these areas so that you don't have to be one. Whether it's cups per hour, decibel levels or the differences between vented and unvented water heaters, they've got the answers which will get you to a successful purchase as quickly as possible.  In doing so, they have been creating the reputation of Electrical Deals Direct as a helpful, knowledgeable and fair group of people who will go the extra mile to make sure you have all the right information to buy the very best products at the very best prices.

The results speak for themselves: not just in the growth of the company, but in the opinions of our customers and suppliers.  Work with us and you'll see why so many of our customers have come back to us time and time again, allowing us to grow into a company that has provided many millions of pounds worth of hand dryers, boiling water taps and electric water heating throughout the UK.

The Electrical Deals Direct Offices
James Loveridge of Electrical Deals Direct

James Loveridge

With decades of experience of the electrical products industry, James’ ability to continually exceed expectations has been key in building the company’s reputation. He’d hate to admit it, but nothing excites James more than having in-depth conversations about hand dryers and boiling water taps. Find out what he thinks about hand dryers with blue lights or how to heat water for your apartment. That would explain why he never gets invited to parties, then.

Tim Hodder

More than just some old bloke who likes cricket, Tim has combined an extraordinary understanding of technology with a passion for customer service to deliver the most informative and easy-to-use website in the industry. Look out for how articles from the Advice Centre are right where you need them when you are viewing products. Or even better, see what he thinks about the 'cups per hour' measurement or if he cares much about loud hand dryers

Tim Hodder of Electrical Deals Direct
Kane Hazzard of Electrical Deals Direct

Kane Hazzard

Some say, he should be the winner of the ‘Online Chat Face of the Year’. Others don’t, but if you want to deal with the type of person who will go the extra mile when you have tricky requirements and tight deadlines, then Kane’s your man. Frequently mentioned personally in customer reviews, he’s greatly appreciated by our customers. So much, in fact that he tells them things like how to heat water for their 3-bed house.

Harry Turner

As the only non-guitarist on the team, Harry has to make up for it in other ways. His lightning grasp of facts on new products and figures mean that Harry is the Go-To man for the latest blogs and information on all the new product lines being added to the site. Whether you need to diagnose a fault on your Mitsubishi, or understand the difference between chilled and ambient water, he'll have the answer. 

Harry Turner of Electrical Deals Direct
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