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Ariston Water Heaters

Ariston Water Heaters

Ariston is a brand of electric water heaters, which are used to heat water for household or commercial use. They come in various sizes and capacities to suit different needs and are designed to be a energy efficient water heater. Some models also come with advanced features such as digital thermostats and remote control capabilities. Market leader of vented and unvented water heating products. Ariston water heaters have become the UK's go-to brand for energy efficient water heating. Ariston water heater is designed to instantly provide hot water when needed, often found in commercial outlets such as shops, staff rooms and offices. Only heating water as required ensures excellent energy efficiency, with a compact design providing a great option where space is limited. Ariston electric water heaters are quick and easy to install and simple to operate with in-built safety features for temperature regulation.

The size range of Ariston electric water heaters can vary depending on the model and type. They offer a wide range of sizes and capacities to suit different needs, from small point-of-use heaters for a single sink or shower, to larger whole-house models that can supply hot water to multiple fixtures simultaneously. Some of the smallest models can have a capacity of 5-10 litres while the larger models can have a capacity of up to 100 litres and above. It is recommended to check to determine the appropriate size for your specific needs and usage.

Ariston Andris Lux Water Heaters

Andris Lux - This technologically advanced, versatile mains pressure water heater is ideal for localised use. The Ariston Andris Lux can be used where hot water is required but where it is not convenient to enlarge the existing central hot water system or where there is no central system at all.

Pro 1 ECO/Velis Water Heaters

Pro 1 Eco/Velis - Very compact, functional and long-lasting, this can be installed in very small spaces. It guarantees maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption and is equipped with an anti-corrosion system that ensures durability.

The team at Electrical Deals Direct are full of knowledge on these cylinders and is on hand to guide and advise, ensuring the right purchase is made at the right price. There are many blogs in the Advice Centre that may answer some of your water cylinder questions. For example ‘What size cylinder do I need?’, if you’re unsure whether you need a direct or indirect cylinder click here to find out.

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Ariston Water Heaters

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21 Items

  1. Ariston Andris Lux ECO EU 10 Litre 2.5 kW Oversink Water Heater 3100717
    £134.41 £112.01
  2. Ariston Andris Lux ECO EU 10 Litre 2.5 kW Undersink Water Heater 3100718
    £142.32 £118.60
  3. Ariston Andris Lux ECO EU 15 Litre 2.5 kW Undersink Water Heater 3100722
    £148.81 £124.01
  4. Ariston Andris Lux ECO EU 15 Litre 2.5 kW Oversink Water Heater 3100721
    £150.01 £125.01
  5. Ariston Andris Lux ECO EU 30 Litre 2.5 kW Oversink Water Heater 3820018
    £432.00 £360.00
  6. Ariston Pro 1 ECO 50L Unvented Direct Cylinder 3820019
    £438.00 £365.00
  7. Ariston Pro 1 ECO 100L Unvented Direct Cylinder 3820021
    £608.34 £506.95
  8. Ariston Velis 80 WIFI Brushed Metal 3kW with Kit 3626308 Unvented Cylinder
    £645.60 £538.00
  9. Ariston Pro 1 ECO 80L Unvented Direct Cylinder 3820020
    £727.20 £606.00
  10. Ariston Velis 45 Evo White 1.5kW with Kit 3626305 Unvented Cylinder
    £780.00 £650.00
  11. Ariston Velis 45 WIFI Brushed Metal 3kW with Kit 3626307 Unvented Cylinder
    £852.00 £710.00
  12. Ariston Velis 80 Evo White 1.5kW with Kit 3626306 Unvented Cylinder
    £902.40 £752.00
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21 Items

The Ariston Andris Lux ECO range – even better small electric water heaters from Ariston.

The Andris Lux ECO range is the latest set of small heaters from Ariston. Ariston are already the largest supplier to the UK market of electric water heaters of 30 litres or less, and there is no doubt this new set of appliances will further increase their dominance. The standard Andris Lux range is already very popular because of its compact size, ease of installation, and low running costs, but the ECO range brings a new set of advantages over the competition.

1. Durability
The warranty period on the tank has been increased from 3 years to 4 years, which shows confidence that the titanium-enamelled tank and the copper element can deliver improved protection against corrosion and an extended product life.

2. Economy
The new range costs more than the old range (surprise!). But the good news is that it incorporates a system called ‘ECO EVO’ which learns how the heater is used on a daily basis and uses predictive algorithms to heat the water ready for when you need it. When you first install, it, it then takes the next week to learn your usage patterns enough that it can start making accurate predictions, and from that point onwards it continues to learn and improve its accuracy. The result is that by preparing the right amount of hot water at the right temperature and at the right time, it should save you around 15% of your energy costs compared to other heaters without this functionality, so any increase in purchase cost will be repaid many times over during the lifetime of the heater. Although it is set to ‘on’ by default, it is possible to deactivate this feature if you do not like it. Like the previous range, it of course retains its A Class energy rating.

3. Safety
The Andris Lux Eco also has what it calls a ‘thermal disinfection cycle”, which is a smart safeguard against the possible development of legionella bacteria. By default, this is disabled but can be simply enabled at installation time (or subsequently).

4. Usability
With the upgraded 2.5kW element, the Eco has excellent reheat times – just 30 minutes to heat from 15 to 60 degrees for the 30-litre model. And if you live in an area where limescale is a problem, you will be interested to know that it can detect high levels of limescale build-up, and it puts itself into a reduced functionality mode to prevent damage, until you descale it.

So all in all, the Andris Lux ECO is quite a remarkable, and versatile electric water heater, which is a very significant step forward from the standard Andris Lux range. If you need any more information on it (or on any other water heaters) just give us a call at 01934 253600 or have an online chat with one of our experts at

Ariston Pro 1 Eco Range

The Ariston Pro Eco electric water heater is a big upgrade for the previous models: it's an innovative water heater combining maximum savings without compromising on performance. Eco Evo smart function uses advanced technology to memorise user habits. This unique function follows the user’s daily routine over the first few weeks and memories this for continued future use.  The integrated software recalls the daily habits and delivers hot water when it is in demand. Up to 14% can be saved on energy bills with Eco Evo smart function. Ariston Pro Eco continues its futuristic energy saving plan with Waterplus technology. Water enters at the bottom of the heater, ensuring there is minimal mixing of the new cold water with the existing hot water in the tank. Hot water rises to the top of the tank giving the new cold water time to heat up before it mixes with the hot water. Incredibly creating 16% more available hot water. The extra 16% of hot water readily available means there is always enough extra hot water for another shower. If the user is unsure if there is enough hot water in the tank, there is an indicator on the water heater to show if there is enough hot water for at least one shower available – handy if you don’t want to run out of water half way through a shower! The inner surface of the tank is enamelled with a titanium coating. An anti-corrosion and rust resistant material will prolong the life of the water tank. Other safety features include an automatic anti-legionella function, whereby once a month the internal temperature will reach 65c to kill bacteria and keep the water hygienic. Additionally holiday mode ensures the heaters internal temperature does fall below 5c to prevent internal freezing of the tank. To further add to the heaters safety function is the no water protection. The water heater will not turn on if the internal tank is empty, preventing a burnout. For more information on the Ariston Pro Eco range or any other range of water heater give one of our team a call on 01934 253600 or click on the live chat option below to speak to a real person instantly.


Which Ariston Andris Lux Water Heater Do I Need?

Ariston have been producing small unvented water heaters for many years. They adopt a no-nonsense approach and the fact that they have become market leaders in this sector is not surprising. The current Ariston Andris Lux products have modern, clean lines and don’t look too much like a typical water heater. We’ve heard the words ‘stylish’ and ‘elegant’ used, but perhaps ‘not unattractive’ might be a bit more appropriate. The selection process generally boils down to 2 questions:Which size do I need?
It’s important to get a sufficient amount of hot water for a particular application, but not too much as this may mean that you could be using more energy than you need to, so here are some guidelines:A small wash hand basin for a cloakroom or ensuite won’t need more than 10L for certain. This size, in fact could happily service 2 or 3 basins with no trouble at all.
 We would suggest the 15L variant for larger kitchen sinks (even certain commercial kitchen applications too) or for multiple wash hand basin applications.
 The 30L version is designed for various commercial applications where multiple basins and sinks need to be supplied with hot water, or perhaps workshops or commercial kitchens where more hot water could be required. This size could potentially be used to supply hot water for a shower, albeit a brief one.
Undersink or Oversink?
The only difference here is where the pipe inlets and outlets are: The undersink versions have the connections at the top of the unit, and of course the oversink versions will have these connections at the bottom. Perhaps a better definition of this type would be ‘on the wall’ so as not to be confused with a spouted oversink water heater. So this decision is purely down to where you intend to site the water heater.   It is also important to ensure you fit an expansion vessel in most cases – please read this article we created to help you establish this. Ariston offer 3 kits for various installation needs: Kit A (expansion vessel with non-return valve) Kit B (pressure reducing valve) and Kit C (tundish) These 3 kits are included as standard with the 30L model.   All these Andris Lux water heaters are really simple to install and easy to operate.   Ariston have now also introduced upgraded versions of these water heaters with some very clever features and you can read about them here. Better still, give one of our water heating geeks a call on 01934 253600 or have a virtual natter online directly from our website:

Why Choose Ariston?

Ariston is a well-known brand that offers a range of high-quality and energy-efficient water heaters for residential and commercial use. Here are some reasons why you might choose an Ariston water heater:

  • Energy efficiency: Ariston water heaters are designed to be highly efficient and use minimal energy, which can help you save money on your energy bills.
  • Durability: Ariston water heaters are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last, so you can rely on them for many years.
  • Safety features: Ariston water heaters are equipped with various safety features such as a pressure relief valve, a thermostat, and an anti-scald device, which can help to prevent accidents.
  • Easy to install and use: Ariston water heaters are designed to be easy to install and use, so you can have hot water quickly and without any hassle.
  • Wide range of options: Ariston offers a wide range of water heaters to choose from, including tankless, electric, over-sink and under-sink, so you can find the right one for your needs and budget.

Overall, Ariston water heaters are a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable, energy-efficient, and durable water heating solution.