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Heatrae Sadia Water Heating

Heatrae Sadia Water Heating

Heatrae Sadia Water Heating

Heatrae Sadia are the largest supplier of water heating products to the UK market and have been going for over 75 years. As well as being renowned for instant boiling water products such as the Supreme range – a common sight in school staff rooms across the country, and the Aquatap – one of the few serious alternatives to the Zip Hydrotaps – Heatrae Sadia have competition-beating water heating ranges for almost every possible use.

Whilst the Multipoint range covers everything from instantaneous water heaters and storage heaters from 10 litres up to 100 litres, the Megaflo range starts at 70 litres and goes all the way up to an astonishing 2500 litres. And with the Electromax and Amptec ranges, Heatrae Sadia are at the forefront of innovative products delivering electric combi boilers and electric central heating via standard radiators – ideal solutions if you are without mains gas services. Select one of the ranges below, or call one of our experts on 01934 253600.

All Heatrae Sadia water heating products carry at least a 2-year guarantee, and in the case of Multipoint small unvented water heaters and Titanium immersion heaters, there is a five year guarantee. The Megaflo cylinder range carries a ground-breaking lifetime guarantee.


The Heatrae Sadia Electromax system provides hot water for your central heating system and stores hot water for your baths, sinks and showers, in its internal 180 litre tank. Models are available for both radiators and underfloor systems.

Heatrae Sadia Amptec electric central heating boilers

The Amptec range is a set of electric central heating boilers which take up minimal space, and provide water for either radiators or underfloor heating systems. They range in power from 4kW to 12kW.


Hugely popular, the Heatrae Sadia Megaflo range of electric cylinders caters for heated water storage ranging from 70 litres up to a massive 2500 litres. Some of the range come pre-plumbed and ready to go, and others are designed to cope with solar pre-heating. With over 50 in the range, there is one to suit most requirements, and our stock availability on these units is second to none.


The Heatrae Sadia Hotflo is an unvented water heater, available in a range of capacities 10, 15, with the 50, 80 and 100L available in vertical or horizontal models. They all have external adjustable thermostat.

Heatrae Sadia FBM

The Heatrae Sadia FBM ranges from 25 to 125 litres and is a cistern-type water heater.

Heatrae sadia streamline

The ever-popular Streamline range of vented water heaters is available in most combinations of 7 or 10 litres, under or oversink, and 1kW or 3kW. Ideal when there are electric power limitations, or when replacing a vented heater. A number of different tap options are available for the undersink units.

Heatrae Sadia Multipoint unvented water heaters

With no need for a cold water cistern, these mains-fed units can cope with everything from a basic hand wash requirement to a shower. The Multipoint range includes instantaneous water heaters, vertical and horizontal unvented heaters, and all of the Multipoint range comes with a 5 year warranty.

Heatrae Sadia Premier Plus
Premier Plus

Ranging from 100 to 300 litres, and available as either direct or indirect cylinders, the Heatrae Sadia Premier Plus range (formerly known as Santon Premier Plus range) offers excellent value for money.

Heatrae Sadia Express

The Heatrae Sadia Express is great value for money for this range.

Heatrae Sadia R Plus
R Plus

The Heatrae Sadia R Plus units have an integral cold water cistern, making them ideal where a mains cold feed is available, but where an unvented unit is impractical. Ideal for multi-outlet applications, the range is available as a 25, 45, 70 or 120 litres unit.

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