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Biodrier Hand Dryers - Superb Value, Reliable Eco Dryers

Biodrier Hand Dryers are amongst our most popular hand dryers, and the range is perhaps the most extensive of all manufacturers which means that almost regardless of the type of organisation you are and the particular hand drying requirement you have, there is a Biodrier hand dryer available which will fit the bill. The table below may help you narrow down the right model for your requirements, then select from the different ranges in the table to the right, or of course you can also call one of our hand dryer experts on 01934 253600.


Biodrier hand dryer information table

Biodrier Eco

The Eco range represents superb value, highly efficient hand drying. The Biodrier Eco Hand dryer is a highly economical and stylish ‘hands-under’ hand dryer which is available in 4 finishes – white, silver, chrome and blue. compared to its nearest rival, it delivers on just about every front, and we have received only good feedback about its performance in all trials we have been involved in. As the entry level hand dryer from Biodrier, it is not surprising that it is also one of the most popular.

The running costs are way below the cost of paper towels, and even though it is is entry-level dryer, in common with all dryers in the Biodrier range, it comes with a 5 year warranty, the first 3 years of which include all labour costs and on-site attendance, so your running costs will be even less.

Biodrier Biolite

Excellent value hands-under hand dryers. At a price just marginally above the Eco, the Biolite adds 2 very important features.

The first of these is a directional neon light which shines onto the hands to illuminate the drying area. Whilst it is easy to disregard this as a bit of a gimmick which doesn't serve any real purpose, anything which adds interest to the otherwise boring experience of drying ones hands, and which therefore means people will actually do it properly, is definitely a good thing! (And it is also a bit of a 'cool gimmick!).

The second feature is extremely important: it is the ability to either switch on the heating element or switch it off. This gives you the ability to have a winter and Summer setting, both saving energy in the summer, as well as making it more comfortable to use all year round. With the element switched off, it uses just 640W of electricity, making it remarkably low cost to run.

Biodrier Business

This smart-looking hand dryer is a popular choice for those looking for a 'hands-in' dryer which is very economical to run. Its brushless motor ensures long life, and the fact that it has no heating element means that it consumes just 850W. The hand drying experience is not completely cold, however, as the air is pulled over the motor, heating it up on the way, making sure that the air is always comfortably warm.

On the top of the hand dryer, there is an LED countdown timer, and it uses replaceable gels which fragrance the air when the dryer is in use and disinfect the air. In common with all the biodrier 'hands-in dryers, there is a 'drip tray' at the bottom of the dryer which ensures that water forced off the hands does not end up on the floor as a slip and hygiene hazard.

Biodrier Business2
The Biodrier Business2 hand dryer is not just a minor improvement on the Biodrier Business - it is a completely different product. It incorporates CPU technology with a wide LED display, and has a switchable heating element so it can sbe set for winter or summer operation. when the heating element is switched off, it consumes just 700W, and dries your hands by scraping the water from both sides of your hands as you move them into and out of the dryer. The Business2 also has an Antibacterial filter and an Air Freshener as standard which takes replaceable gels.
Biodrier Executive

Top of the Biodrier range, this elegant and stylish hands-in hand dryer is more than a match for the Dyson Airblade, in almost every aspect of its specification. For example, with a power rating of 700-1000w, its high speed vacuum motor is 25% more economical in terms of running costs, it comes with a 5 year warranty (3 years of which are on site and include labour costs),

The Biodrier Executive hand dryer comes in 4 different colours and contains a triple antibacterial grade 13 HEPA filter which prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses, keeping the unit clean and hygienic at all times.

Biodrier Biobot
Designed specifically for use in primary schools and nurseries, the Biobot hand dryer comes with a choice of splashbacks. It can also be supplied with educational material so the children can learn about the environmental impacts of a highly efficient electric hand dryer rather than paper towels.
Biodrier G-Wave
The G-Wave is a high-powered 'hands-under' dryer with the unique feature of a drip tray. For anyone experiencing problems with hygiene problems from water being splashed over walls and floors from hands-under dryers, thi sis a perfect solution. it has the added benefit of being able to customise the front panel of the dryer.
Biodrier 3D Smart Dry
The latest addition to the Biodrier range, the 3D Smart Dry dries hands from 3 different directions, through angled air feeds. It also has an 'intelligent' heating element, which gradually turns itself on or off depending upon the temperature in the washroom. This gives an excellent compromise between power saving and comfort. Aside from these features, both the overall performance, the look, and the price of the 3D Smart Dry means this is an excellent alternative to the XLerator hand dryer.
Diamond Dryers
The Diamond Dryer is a small compact hand dryer, that is ideal for small washrooms as it doesn’t take up much space. Dimensions H- 136 x W- 272 x D-123. This is a very unique dryer that is completely different to anything else available. Even though it has been reduced in size and is very compact it has not compromised on performance at all.
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  1. Biodrier Eco BE08S hand dryer silver
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  2. Biodrier Eco BE08C hand dryer chrome
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  3. Biodrier Eco hand dryer BE08W white
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  4. Biodrier BioLite BJ09S hand dryer Silver
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  5. Biodrier BioLite BJ09W hand dryer White
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  6. Biodrier BioLite BJ09C hand dryer Chrome BJ09S
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  7. Biodrier Biobot Hand Dryer BB08
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  8. Biodrier G-Wave Hand Dryer White BGW07M
    £434.39 £361.99
  9. Biodrier G-Wave Hand Dryer Mirrored BGW07WB
    £434.40 £362.00
  10. Biodrier 3D Smart Dry Hand Dryer Stainless Steel B3DSDC
    £441.60 £368.00
  11. Biodrier Business2 BB702 hand dryer Silver BB702S
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  12. Biodrier Business2 BB702 hand dryer White BB702W
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  13. Biodrier Executive BE1000B hand dryer in blue
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  14. Biodrier Business BB70 hand dryer silver
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  15. Biodrier Business BB70 hand dryer white
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  16. Biodrier Executive BE1000S hand dryer in silver
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  17. Biodrier Executive BE1000W hand dryer in white
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  18. Biodrier Executive BE1000G hand dryer in gold
    SKU: EDDBD109
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