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Biodrier G-Wave

The G-Wave hand dryer from Biodrier - hands-under with a drip tray to prevent mess


The Biodrier G-Wave hand dryer is the latest product from Biodrier.

Striking Design

The first thing you will notice about the G-Wave is the contemporary, unique design. With all the advantages of a traditional 'hands-under' design hand dryer, the G-Wave also has a drip-tray underneath the hands, so that germ-laden water is not blown around the washroom but instead is stored in the base of the unit. An LED light on the front of the dryer indicated when the tray needs emptying. enters the drip tray

For your peace of mind, all Biodriers come with a 5 year warranty, the first 3 years of which are on-site.

Adjustable Motor Settings

The G-Wave has no heating element, and so uses very little electricity. In fact, the speed of the motor is adjustable so that it uses either 700w or 1.2kW. this also has a huge effect on the noise level: at the lower speed setting, the G-Wave runs at just 58 dba @ 1m, making it one of the quietest hand dryers on the market today.

It also keeps the air smelling fresh and pleasant with a built-in air freshener.

Anti bacterial

A replacable grade 13 HEPA filtration system removes dust and bacteria from the air to further prevent the spreading of any harmful bacteria.

Customisable front

The standard model comes with either a white or mirrored front circle, but the G-Wave can also be customised with your company logo, advertisement or image. contact us for details on 01934 253600.

To buy the G-Wave with either a white or mirrored front, select the appropriate product below, or read our blog about our first-hand impressions of the G-Wave by clicking here.


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