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Biodrier 3D Smart Dry

The 3D Smart Dry Hand Druers from Biodrier


The Biodrier 3D Smart Dry is the newest addition to the Biodrier range, and by any measure, is an outstanding dryer. We fully expect it to take a significant market share in the coming year, and we put this down to some significant areas where it scores significantly over its competition.

Firstly, rather than one jet of air flowing on to the top of the hands, the Smart Dry directs air on to the hands from 3 different vents, one from the top and two at an angle, and this certainly gives the impression that the drying is more effective.

Secondly, the 3G Smart Dry contains a very powerful but efficient motor. It is a 35,000 rpm brushless motor which consumes just 500W. This is an extremely low power consumption – less than a third of the power the Dyson Airblade uses, and on a par with the best in the industry – the Mitsubishi Jet Towel and the XLerator from Excel dryers, both of which are considerably more expensive than the Biodrier 3D Smart Dry.

And thirdly, in terms of innovation, the Smart dry is the first hand dryer in the world (that we are aware of) which has an automatically adjusting heating element, so when it is warm, the smart dry turns down the heating element. This delivers air to the hands which will always be at a comfortable temperature, regardless how hot or cold a day it is.

On top of all this, the Biodrier 3D Smart Dry is priced more competitively than any of its nearest rivals.

It comes in 3 different finishes – white, black or chrome – select either of these models below to purchase.

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