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Andris Lux

This technologically advanced, versatile mains pressure water heater is ideal for localised use. The Andris Lux can be used where hot water is required but where it is not convenient to enlarge the existing central hot water system or where there is no central system at all.


Classico HE is eco-sustainable, it features excellent thermal insulation that ensures maximum energy savings. These cylinders are available in a variety of models ranging in capacities from 125 litres to 500.


Made from quality stainless steel, the Aquabravo range of unvented cylinders are available in direct and indirect models. Environmentally sound and highly efficient thermal insulation providing cost savings whilst being friendly to the environment.


Very compact, functional and long lasting, the ST100 can be installed in very small spaces. It guarantees maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption and is equipped with an anti-corrosion system that ensures durability. This makes the ST100 unvented water heater a perfect choice for those who are looking for the best for their house.

The team at Electrical Deals Direct are full of knowledge on these cylinders and are on hand to guide and advise, ensuring the right purchase is made at the right price. There are many blogs in the Advice Centre that may answer some of your water cylinder question. For example ‘What size what cylinder do I need?’, if you’re unsure whether you need a direct or indirect cylinder click here to find out. Alternatively call one of the team now on 01934 253600 for further information or chat to a real person on the website chat feature. 

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