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Insinkerator Taps

Insinkerator Taps

InSinkErator Steaming Hot Water Taps

InSinkErator are not newcomers to the steaming tap market – they have been providing high quality yet very reasonably priced steaming water taps for many years.

The new style of tap – the H3300 (Steaming) and HC3300 (Steaming and cold) are the latest design, bring a new level of style and design to the range.

The Insinkerator H3300 or HC3300 tap sits over your sink and delivers steaming water at 98 degrees, instantly. Once you have one, you will wonder how you ever managed without one, as you lose the clutter of the kettle and gain time as you let the InSinkErator steaming tap do all the work.

The new 3in1 tap provides both your normal hot & cold water as well as steaming 98 degree water for all your hot drinks and cooking.

All these taps are great for perfect tea, coffee and other hot drinks, blanching vegetables, creating sauces and gravies, thawing food from the freezer, and making soups and other dried foods. And it is not just time that they save: running costs are very low - for example to heat a saucepan of water, not only is there no waiting, but it uses just 20% of the electricity it would take to do the same task on an electric hob.

They all come with a water filtration system (which fits under the sink, alongside the water heating unit) which filters out chlorine, lead, turbidity and other unpleasant tastes and odours as well as reducing limescale.

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