electric combiThe term ‘combi boiler’ is usually associated with gas boilers. ‘Combi’ because they heat the water for taps and showers as well as keeping the radiators or underfloor heating hot.

There are several electric versions available now: ideal for installations where gas is either unavailable or not the preferred heat source.

There are essentially 2 types: those with a built in cylinder, and those without. Larger homes would benefit from the stored water from an integrated cylinder, whereas smaller houses and flats, where space is more of a premium would be better suited to the more compact non-cylinder type.

The choices:

Heatrae Sadia Electromax: Built in 180L cylinder, available in 6kW or 9kW versions, with each of these having the choice of radiator or underfloor heating models. Ideal for up to around 8 radiators and medium to large properties with baths.

Advance Appliances Electric Combination Boiler ECB210: 210L thermal store cylinder with an internal copper coil to provide domestic hot water, including baths and showers, and the radiators are heated using the stored water. Suitable for properties with up to 5 radiators.

Trianco/Heatbox: There are 2 choices of combi boilers:

  • The Aztec Combi: Available in 6, 9 or 12kw versions. Incorporating a small cylinder (38L) to give the hot water delivery a head start combined with an instantaneous water heater. It can even be used where baths are involved. (The stored hot water can reach up to 10L per minute) This unit uses a modulating heating system for radiators.
  • The Aztec Mini Combi: A more compact version of the above, but using instantaneous heating for the domestic hot water, without the use of a cylinder. Ideal for smaller dwellings, this model is available in 8, 10 or 12kw versions for the central heating side of things. Really compact, even fitting inside a typical kitchen cupboard. (Dimensions in mm: 580H x 360W x 230D) This item is also available as a system boiler model if you already have an indirect cylinder.

Choosing the right model can be complicated, so do feel free to call one of our experts on 01934 253600, or checking out this page may be a good place to start.