In today’s competitive environment, making a restaurant successful is tough. It is important to get every part of the ‘customer experience’ just right, and so the choice of hand dryer in your restaurant washrooms is very important. At worst, they’ll not remember the food, but they will remember the appalling hand dryers which didn’t work well and they had to dry their hands on their trousers: at best, the experience will add to a great night out.

It is interesting (to us, at least) that a lot of our customers call us asking for a particular hand dryer because they have used one in a local restaurant or pub and were impressed with it – so we know they do get noticed!

So we know that although the temptation might be there to ‘just get the cheapest hand dryer possible’ to put in the washroom, it could end up being a false economy. With all this in mind, we have put together the following list of dryers which we would recommend for restaurants.

  1. Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart

This is a Rolls-Royce level of hand dryer in terms of build-quality and performance, but comes at a very down-to-earth price. We are also able to offer a free upgrade to a 5-year warranty, although it is worth pointing out that as one of the most reliable units available, you are very unlikely to have to call on it.

It is a ‘hands-under’ unit, but uses a ‘blade’ of hot air (or cold air if the heater is switched off) to scrape the water from your hands.



  1. Warner Howard EL1100W

From the same manufacturer as the world-famous ‘Airforce’ hand dryer, the EL1100W is a neat, compact dryer which is really the Airforce’s little brother. A high-performance warm-air dryer which is also available in nickel or black finishes.









  1. Diamond Dryers hand dryer in rose gold

If you are looking for something a bit different in an up-market washroom, the Diamond Dryer (especially in Rose Gold) will certainly be a talking point. The performance is quite extraordinary and it comes with a remarkable 7 year warranty – the longest of any hand dryer we know.






4. JETBOX Blade

Many restaurant washrooms are not the roomiest of places, and so you may be limited to a ‘hands-under’ dryer. If you have a bit more space, though, it is now possible to get a hands-in dryer without splashing out  the £800 needed for a Dyson: the JETBOX Blade is a really good value-for-money hand dryer which comes in a very tasteful black and white design. It also includes a HEPA filter and internal germ-killing through exposing the filter to a UV light.







  1. The Handy Dryers Antillo

When we first saw pictures of the Antillo, we thought it would just look like a waste paper bin stuck on the wall. But when we saw it in real life and tried it out, we were hooked! It’s a small, ‘dinky’ little unit which takes up very little space on the wall but really belts out a powerful blast of air. And it’s the cheapest from our top 5 restaurant hand dryers!





So these are our current favourite picks for restaurants – you can see a few more on our restaurant page. And if you need any more help or have any questions, do just give us a call on 01934 253600 – we’re always happy to talk about hand dryers!