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Zip Taps for the Office - the Commercial Hydrotap Range

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Choosing a Zip Tap from the Hydrotap range for your workplace?

Zip taps have an enviable reputation for delivering top-quality appliances, and have the broadest and most complete range of units for all types of drinking water requirement in the office and other commercial environments. The new G4 range of Zip Taps comes with a 5 year warranty and we have most models available from stock. 

The only downside of the Zip tap range is that it is sometimes difficult to work out which is the right model for you. So we have carefully designed these web pages to make sure that your choice becomes as simple as possible, and that you end up with exactly what you need. You will also notice several links to articles in our Advice Centre to make sure that your choice is an informed choice. Should you need any other information at all, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us on 01934 253600 to speak to one of our boiling tap experts - we provide more Zip products online than anyone else in the UK, and are very proud of our reputation of being 'boiling tap nerds'!

So your next step is to choose the size of your office other other commercial environment from the 3 options above, by clicking on one of the images, or selecting from the category menus on the right.

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48 items

  1. Zip HydroTap Arc G5 H52706Z00UK Boiling 160 Tap in Polished Chrome
    SKU: EDDZIPH52706Z00UK
    £2,641.27 £2,201.06
  2. Zip Hydrotap Classic Plus B160G5 Boiling Tap H55706Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55706Z00UK
    £2,662.26 £2,218.55
  3. Zip HydroTap BA160G5 Boiling Ambient Tap H55708Z00UK Polished Chrome
    SKU: EDDZIPH55708Z00UK
    £2,777.57 £2,314.64
  4. Zip HydroTap B240G5 Boiling Tap H55707Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55707Z00UK
    £2,966.40 £2,472.00
  5. Zip HydroTap BH160 G5 Boiling Hot & Cold 3-in-1 Tap H55806Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55806Z00UK
    £2,995.20 £2,496.00
  6. Zip HydroTap Arc G5 H52707Z00UK Boiling 240 Tap in Polished Chrome
    SKU: EDDZIPH52707Z00UK
    £3,078.02 £2,565.02
  7. Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave Boiling Ambient BA160G5 H5W708Z00UK
    £3,118.80 £2,599.00
  8. Zip HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave boiling 240 bright chrome for work H5W707Z00UK
    £3,298.46 £2,748.72
  9. Zip HydroTap BA240G5 Boiling Ambient Tap H55709Z00UK
    £3,360.72 £2,800.60
  10. Zip HydroTap BH240 G5 Boiling Hot & Cold 3-in-1 Tap H55807Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55807Z00UK
    £3,610.80 £3,009.00
  11. Zip HydroTap H55702Z00UK BC100/75 G5 Boiling Chilled Tap
    £3,758.75 £3,132.29
  12. Zip HydroTap BC140/75G5 Boiling Chilled Tap H55799Z00UK Polished Chrome
    SKU: EDDZIPH55799Z00UK
    £4,500.00 £3,750.00
  13. Zip HydroTap BCS100/75 G5 Boiling Chilled Sparkling HydroTap H55760Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55760Z00UK
    £4,771.20 £3,976.00
  14. Zip HydroTap AV140/75 G5 Boiling Chilled Hot & Cold All-in-One Tap H56726Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH56726Z00UK
    £4,947.02 £4,122.52
  15. Zip HydroTap Classic BC160/175 G5 Boiling Chilled Tap H55704Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH55704Z00UK
    £5,010.07 £4,175.06
  16. Zip HydroTap Model SAN100/75 G5 All-in-One Unvented Boiling Tap H56760Z00UK
    SKU: EDDZIPH56760Z00UK
    £5,238.22 £4,365.18
  17. Zip HydroTap Arc G5 H52704Z00UK Boiling Chilled 160/175 Tap in Polished Chrome
    SKU: EDDZIPH52704Z00UK
    £5,254.80 £4,379.00
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48 items