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What Type of Appliance Would You Prefer?


A Tap

On-Wall Dispenser

Counter-top Dispenser


What Type of Appliance Would You Prefer?

Each of these appliances has advantages and disadvantages, in terms of cost, image, and usefulness, although they all have the same basic function: to provide boiling water instantly on demand.

Typically, the tap is the most common choice in the modern office – it can improve the image of an office and people love to use them. They can also provide not just boiling water, but chilled and even sparkling as well, and this water is usually filtered by an internal taste and odour filter. Like-for-like, the tap will also be the most expensive to purchase.

The on-wall dispenser is a common choice in staff rooms (particularly  schools and retail outlets), and the counter-top dispenser is more usually found in self-service areas such as hotel buffets or retail catering outlets (operated by retail staff rather than customers).


Some of our most popular instant boiling water appliances:

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