For many years now, Electrical Deals Direct has won business and gained long-term customers on the back of its extensive knowledge of boiling water taps to the commercial market. Our customers have known that because we are independent of any one manufacturer, and have a huge amount of knowledge of the workings of each of the commercial taps available, they can rely on our advice in finding the best product for their needs.

So it is with great excitement that we can now announce that we offer ALL the main brands of commercial boiling taps available to the UK market. This now comprises:

Zip Hydrotaps

Zip have thousands of installed taps and an extremely wide range of different colours, capacities and capabilities available.

Billi Taps

The original boiling water tap, also from Australia, which is becoming more and more popular.

Brita Vivreau Boiling taps

With the enormous market presence and brand awareness of Brita, the Vivreau range is set to dramatically increase market share

Illimani Boiling Taps

From The Boiling Tap company, with its best-in-class water purification system which can avoid all scale issues, combined with a sophisticated and stylish tap range.


In turn, our suppliers (the manufacturers) regard Electrical Deals Direct as a trusted and valuable partner, able to make sure that each customer receives the most accurate and up to date information on the respective products, and guide the customer to make sure they purchase the most suitable configuration.

In addition, Electrical Deals Direct is now unique is being able to offer the installation services of all the major suppliers for the respective taps, ensuring no problems with installation quality and warranties.


We look forward to continued strong relationships with all our suppliers, and to continue to grow our installed customer base of thousands of boiling tap commercial customers across the United Kingdom.