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Where Do You Need Instant Boiling Water?


In My Home

In My Workplace


Where Do You Need Instant Boiling Water?

There are different appliances for different environments, so select the one you are looking for from these options.

In particular, if you are using a domestic appliance in a commercial environment, the manufacturer’s warranty may not be valid (some manufacturers are extremely strict about this).

Installing instant boiling water appliance in an office kitchen is seen as a high priority nowadays - it is widely accepted that apart from increasing the prestige of the office kitchen, and keeping employees happy, it is also a direct money-saver, by reducing time wasted waiting for kettles to boil. There is also usually some saving associated with electricity usage, but this is relatively small compared to the cost of productive employee time.


Some of our most popular instant boiling water appliances:

This page is part of the 'helpmechoosemy...' series which helps you choose exactly the right product, by answering a small number of simple questions. Using these pages will lead you to an appropriate selection of hand dryers, water heaters, or boiling water products so you can make your final choice. Along the way, you will find links to our Advice Centre articles which will give you more information about each of the choices you are making, and a lot of information about each of the questions.

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