WarrantyZip Hydrotaps are popular for use both at home and in the office – and Zip Heaters have created specific models for each of these situations. But when should you buy a commercial model?

After all, the domestic models are cheaper than the commercial models with the same functions, and you may think that in your particular situation, the appliance won’t be getting heavy duty usage.

In fact, we get calls from people on a daily basis, saying that their level of usage will be much closer to typical residential use rather than in a busy office. Perhaps they are looking to buy a Hydrotap for a small village hall, or a school staffroom, or a small office, and the appliance may only be called on a handful of times per day.

Zip Hydrotap modelsOur advice is always the same – we highly recommend they purchase a commercial model unless they are only going to use it in a domestic, residential environment. The reason is straightforward – Zip clearly state in several places including their website, that they will not honour a warranty if a domestic model is used in a commercial situation – and we can testify from experience that this is unfortunately indeed the case.

Not everyone follows our advice, of course. For some people, because of the difference between some domestic models and their commercial equivalents, the customer decides that they’ll take the risk (Zip units are typically extremely reliable, after all). If you are thinking of taking that route, we would point out, that the 5 year warranty of the tank and 3 years on the tap and controls is a very valuable thing to  - so do think very carefully before disregard the recommendation.

Regardless of which you choose, however, you need to be sure whether the model you have settled is indeed a domestic or a commercial model - and Zip have unfortunately made this quite a difficult task recently.

When they released the new set of domestic models (the Arc, Cube and Elite domestic models) they changed the naming convention which used to be to prefix domestic model with the letters ‘DOM’. So we have reorganized our site recently so there is no doubt which model you are choosing – the domestic and commercial are kept in entirely different categories.black cube on sink

If you need any advice on which model is right for you – do feel free to talk to our experts on 01934 253600 or use the online Chat facility on our site.