If you have a Zip Hydrotap, either at home or at the office, then you will need to change the ‘taste and odour’ filter on a regular basis. But which replacement Zip filter do you need? For domestic and low-usage situations, we usually recommend this is changed every year (and that is when most taps will start flashing a light at you tell you it needs to be done). For heavier usage, you will hit the litres limit earlier – the tap will also tell you that.

The good news is that the process of changing the filter is very straightforward, and if you are in any doubt, you can watch the nice man from Zip explain it all in this straightforward video.


Slightly less straightforward is making sure you buy the right replacement Zip filter! Zip has actually changed the filter twice in the last few years, so it is important to check you are buying the right one. Your 3 choices are:


 1. If you have a ‘G3’ tap, which is likely to have been purchased during 2014 or before, then you most probably have a metal cased filter, with the code number 91240, or ZT002 written on it. If you open the door on the front of your undersink unit, you will see a filter like this:



You can buy a replacement for this by clicking here.


 2. If your tap is newer, purchased from 2014 onwards, then it is probably a ‘G4’ model and these have a plastic cased filter, on which you will see the numbers ZT402 or. This is a 0.2 Micron filter, which makes it amongst the best level of filtration available on any drinking water appliance, and it looks like this:

 You can buy one of these by clicking here. 

3.       And thirdly, because Zip (with a great deal of secrecy!) started to ship units in the first part of 2017 with a different filter, you may find the numbers on your filter are 93702UK and that it looks like this:  


You can find one of those here, but do make sure it you do not have the older metal cased type, because they do look very similar but are not interchangeable.

That’s all you need to know about getting the right replacement zip filter for taste and odour, and if you also need to know about the scale control filter (the optional one which is outside of the main undersink unit) then head over here for an Advice Centre article on those.