Zip Arc chrome boiling tapZip Heaters have launched their new range of instant boiling water taps for the domestic market, giving new customers a great choice of tap shape, combined with their proven G4 domestic units, which are, in our opinion, clearly the most advanced units available on the market today.

Zip Arc boiling taps
These are certainly much-needed additions to the range, and allow anyone who has been turned off by the traditional Zip tap shape (which many people love, but others consider isn’t right for a domestic setting) to buy into the Zip product line.

Unfortunately, Zip have, as usual, made the new range pretty complicated and hard to work out, so rather than try to explain everything, here we are just going to explain the models of the new tap shapes they have introduced:


They are called the Arc and the Cube, and they look pretty good:

Chrome Zip Arc on font



black cube on sinkThey both come in 4 finishes (chrome, black chrome, matt black and brushed chrome) and because they come with the same undersink G4 domestic units, you can choose whether they produce any of the following:

  • Instant Boiling water
  • Instant Boiling and Ambient water
  • Instant Boiling and Chilled water
  • Instant Boiling, Chilled, and Chilled Sparkling water
  • Instant Chilled water
  • Instant Chilled and Chilled Sparkling water

And if you want to situate your new tap away from the sink, so it is its own ‘drinks station’, then it can sit over the optional drip-tray/font – available in the 4 different finishes.

Of particular interest, is that both of these taps styles are also available as ‘3 – in – 1’ taps, so you can have instant boiling water as well as hot and cold water (supplied by your existing system) from the same tap – these are called the ‘Celsius’ taps.

If you don’t want boiling water, you can replace that with either chilled or chilled and sparkling, but unfortunately (at the moment at least) it is not possible to have boiling AND chilled alongside your hot and cold water from one of these new taps (although this combination is available through the traditional all-in-one style). This is such a big gap in their range that we do expect them to fill it sometime during 2016, so watch this space.

What is not immediately obvious from the pictures, is that although the Celsius taps are the same shape as the non-Celsius taps (i.e. Cube and Arc) they are larger, and of course they have the extra control for the hot and cold.

Having used all the different models, we can assure you that they continue the Zip tradition of being well-made, robust and high quality appliances, all backed up with great warranties and excellent after-sales service.

If you need any help choosing the right model of the Zip Cube or Arc taps, do just give our experts a call on 01934 253600.