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Update of the Zip filter range - how do I pick the right one?

If you have a Zip Hydrotap, either at home or at the office, then you will need to change the filters. In most cases you will have two filters installed, one internal ‘taste and odour’ filter and one external ‘limescale’ filter. These filters require changing at least once a year if you are a domestic customer. For commercial taps the filters will need changing more frequently. The tap itself has got a light that will start flashing White to indicate that the filter needs changing.

However, making sure you pick the right replacement filter is something that troubles many of our customers. Zip have changed the filters 3-4 times over the last few years, with only one filter compatible with your unit. They have different filters for domestic and commercial units (that look very similar). Below we will go through the different filters to help you pick the right one.

Here’s a quick video explaining how to change the internal filter:

Depending on the age of your system will help us to determine the filter that is compatible to your unit. It is important that you check you are buying the right one, please check the part number on the filter matches the one you are buying. With limescale filters this isn’t as important because you can change the connection to match the latest filters. For taste and odour your choices are:

91240 (ZT002) This is the oldest Zip filter on the market, for the G3 range of units. The launch of G4 unit happened in 2014, so you would only require this filter if your tap was purchased before then. If your tap is still using this filter then we would recommend upgrading to a new system, as these taps can be very expensive to maintain after 5 years. The capacity of this filter is 5678L.

91290 (ZT402) – Zip released the G4 units at the start of 2014. If your unit was purchased between 2014-2017 then it is more than likely going to have the ZT402 internal filter. This filter is the easiest of the four to identify as it is white plastic cased, unlike the other three which are metal cased.  This is a 0.2 Micron filter, which makes it amongst the best level of filtration available on any drinking water appliance. The capacity of this filter is 6435L.

93701At the start of 2018 Zip decided to change the filters and the connections. Also, as part of this they have 2 new taste and odour filters, one for domestic units and one for commercial units. The 93701 is the new domestic filter. Be careful when checking this as the 93702 will not fit a domestic unit. The height of the 93701 is 20cm. The capacity of this filter is 4163L.

93702The 93702 is the taste and odour filter for all commercial Zip units purchased since 2018. This is the third metal filter in the range, which makes it difficult to see the differences between them. The height of the 93702 is 24cm. The capacity of this filter is 6813L.

You can find all the Zip replacement filters here. If you need any help with picking the correct filter then please give us a call on 01934 253600 and we can discuss this through with you.