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Santon Water Heating

Santon Water Heating

Santon Electric Water Heating Products

Santon is a leading name in the UK water heating market and has been for many years. Covering both vented and unvented electric water heating solutions, it has a reputation for quality and value for money. It is part of the Heatrae Sadia group, and its electric water heating products are described below : click on any of the headings or select from the menu on the right hand side.


The vented heater range (also called ‘Point of Use’) can be supplied from either the mains or from a cold water cistern. The over sink units dispense through the built-in spout, and the undersink units must be used with vented taps (see our Advice Centre article on vented taps for more information).

Santon Aquaheat Water Heaters

Easy to install, and with copper internal containers, the Santon Aquaheat range are all supplied with an expansion relief valve. They are available in 7, 10 and 15 litre capacities – ideal for dishwashing, handwashing and low demand commercial kitchen use such as village halls.

Santon Aqualine Water Heaters

The Aqualine range of 7, 10 and 15 litres units include a built-in TMV2 thermostatic mixing valve. This allows water to be stored at over 60 degrees, and safely blended and used at hand washing temperature. As well as making this ideal for schools, nursing homes and nurseries, it greatly decreases the risk of bacterial growth and at the same time produces a greater quantity of usable water.



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