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Hand Dryer Warranties are not all the same!

When buying a new hand dryer, you will probably be considering features such as what it looks like, the power consumption and how good it is at drying your hands. So the issue of what type of warranty it comes with is not usually top of your list of priorities, but believe me, it should be.

Why? Well there are 2 main reasons:

  • The first is that the length of warranty offered is usually a reflection of how confident the manufacturer is in the longevity and robustness of the dryer itself: offering a long warranty on a hand dryer which frequently fails is a fast route to bankruptcy for any hand dryer manufacturer, so it is definitely an area where you will not see them over-promising and under-delivering!


  • The second is that not all types of hand dryer warranty are equal, so you should, regardless of its length, make sure you understand the level of the warranty. It will be one of the following:


  1. Parts-only Warranty.

As it implies, this only covers replacement parts for the dryer. The cost of fitting these parts will be an additional cost item, or the manufacturer may agree to send you the replacement parts and you can get them fitted yourself.

  1. Parts and Labour Warranty

Apologies for stating the obvious, but this will also include the cost of fitting the replacement parts. However be aware that you will still be liable for the costs of uninstalling the dryer, returning it to the manufacturer, and then refitting it upon its return. It also means you will be without a dryer whilst you are waiting for its return.

  1. On-Site Warranty

For complete peace of mind, an on-site warranty is the best possible option. If your dryer develops a fault, the manufacturer will send an engineer onsite to fix the problem, so you have no additional costs or worries to deal with.

The biggest factor in deciding which warranty is best is clearly the cost involved, and whilst it might seem sensible to always look for a full on-site warranty, you may find that the only dryers which offer this are well beyond your budget. What some people do in this case, especially if they are buying a reasonable number of dryers, is to go for a cheaper dryer, but to buy at least one spare. This is a bit like ‘self-insuring’, and you’re really just taking gamble on whether you will get a breakdown or not.

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