This month saw JETBOX launch the first model in their new range – the JETBOX Eco. This is the first of what will be a range of 3 dryers, and will in the coming months be accompanied by the JETBOX  Junior (Ideal for schools and low use environments) and the JETBOX Blade (a new, stylish hands-in blade dryer).

The JETBOX Eco model contains all the features of hand dryers which the JETBOX team consider important to purchasers of hand dryers. And their experience comes from many years in the market.

In particular, it offers an outstanding hand drying experience. This might sound a bit obvious, but as everyone will know, it is unfortunately true that this does not apply to all hand dryers! The Eco delivers an extremely powerful blast of hot air to dry your hands. We have measured it at a comfortable 10 seconds.

And the noise output is not too bad – it is of course a fact that most hand dryers that are any good will also be fairly loud. So the great thing about the JETBOX Eco is that it has an easy-to-adjust control which changes both the motor speed and the power used by the heating element. This control is sensibly put inside the unit, so it cannot be tampered with by users – a problem we have seen with several other dryers.

What this means is that if it turns out the noise is too much, it can simply be turned down. Considering that real noise levels can never be properly determined until a dryer is actually installed, (because variables such as room size, shape and type of wall covering have such a JETBOX Eco hand dryerlarge bearing on the actual level of noise) then being able to adjust it post-installation seems like a smart move.

On its lowest level, it consumes just 900w of power, and even at its highest, at 1400w it is 200w less than the Dyson Airblade, so running costs should be good.

And an extremely strong point is the warranty. It comes with a 5-year parts and labour warranty. So if anything happens, just call the supplier and they will get it fixed. Considering the price point of this dryer, that is outstanding, and is a very clear indication that the reliability level of these dryers is extremely high.

If there is one criticism, it is that this dryer will only be available in white, but considering that 90% of all hand dryers purchased are white, it doesn’t sound like too much of a problem.

The JETBOX Eco is definitely a dryer to consider if you are looking for a mid-range dryer which does a great job. If you need to compare it with others or need any other advice, do give us a call on 01934 253600.