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Need a Hand Dryer? Ask our Online Advisor.

As self-confessed hand dryer nerds, we take many people through the process of selecting the right hand dryer for them many times every day. And now, we have created an automatic tool which allows those same questions to be asked and answered automatically online, through our new Hand Dryer Advisor.


The Advisor, which is accessible from all our hand dryer pages, will take you through a set of simple questions, narrowing your choice of hand dryer down from an initial selection of over 100 different dryers, to end up with just those dryers which fit your needs. And all in less than a couple of minutes.

Many people, faced with an overwhelming choice when it comes to hand dryers (and with new models coming on the market every month) often go for a well-known brand name, or the dryer they used down the pub which seemed to do a reasonable job.

Unfortunately, this means that they will typically either pay far too much, or find themselves with a dryer which works well in their pub, but not so well in their corporate washroom, where the requirements are somewhat different.

We hope our new online Advisor proves simple to use and gets you exactly the information you need, and if not, then please just pick up the phone to talk to one of our experts on 01934 253600, or use our online chat facility for a digital natter. We’re always happy to talk about hand dryers!