Solar-capable water cylinders use the heat from the sun to be able to warm hot water for you to be able to use. This is a free way of getting energy to be able to heat water for outlets. As solar panels are very popular and lots of houses have it. Then why not make the most of having it there to power your hot water.

There’s a few different types of solar water heaters. For example, the Heatrae Sadia range they have got the Megaflo Eco Solar and the Eco Solar PV Ready. The Megaflo Eco Solar has got all the benefits of the Megaflo Eco range. Also it is designed to work with solar collectors to keep costs low. The difference with the Solar PV Ready is that it is designed to work with any PV array. Which results in the water being heated for free using the surplus of electricity that has been generated.

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper version of the Megaflo Eco Solar range. Then take a look at the Heatrae Sadia Premier Plus Solar range.

Solar cylinders consume a small amount of electrical energy. To be able to run a pump circulating the fluid. Then the fluid is then heated in the solar collector from energy given off by the sun. The solar cylinders have got a dedicated larger surface area indirect heating coil.

One of the main benefits of using a solar is that is can provide for all things in a domestic house such as filling and bath or power showers. It does this with keeping the running costs low from using the suns energy to provide the hot water.

The solar cylinders also come with normal coils to be to heat the water itself so that it doesn’t rely on solar power. However, when any energy and heat is created from the solar side of the cylinder then it will use that for your hot water.


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